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Akshay Peddiwar is pursuing a course in Journalism. He is busy nowadays in creating the space between a journalist and a writer. Oftenly a night crawler and a caffeine lover likes to keep his stories a bit swaggy rather than keeping it simple! Because simple things are not that trendy he feels.

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5 minutes…. let’s just cut it down and pronounce it as 300 seconds long….
Maybe it has made my extempore sound a bit interesting….
But my intention was just to make the content strong!

Each of us get our own specific identity and it starts with our beautiful body and soul….
Akshay was the name chosen for me and by the time I realise….i even started responding to it…
Name is something the most important thing in our life….
And we are not even able to make choice of it!

We are also here to discuss about our hometown….
And when asked about it…. I always lie to everyone and start to introduce the city of oranges….
Even my place is 6.5 hours of terrible bus journey away from it…
Allapalli is its name and it is also known the teak town….
But still it is not familiar with any metro or even the services of train….
Probably a major reason would be….it hasn’t produced any such celebrities or any big names which created a big fame…..
And now I really feel to start that particular list
By adding my very own name!

Talking about the aim in life….
It was never fixed….
I used to love maths….but only till when numbers get into the relationship with that cruel X Y and Z
And then my low scoring in the exams helped myself up to get into the triangle of me pen and paper!

And that’s when I felt….
I just want to write…yes…with that very 26 alphabets…..but with my heart into it….
I just want to speak….No….not with those gigantic words which are even hard to pronounce…..but with my heart into it…..
And probably when i want to let my Ideas speak from the very mighty heart…which is for me and my country….
Then whether it be sports politics or the movie stuff….
Or be it economist or any sort of analyst
But I really feel to be a proud and independent journalist!

To fulfill the dreams….I finally landed at the city of dreams….
And was shaken by seeing people overstepping one another….
And trust there were the whole vibes of selfishness I felt….
And that’s when I realised
…a fake smile may work for you here and honest words may get into tear!

Well wait….did I just say selfishness?…
Then my apologies to everyone….but that’s not a proper word to define Mumbai and Mumbaikars….
And especially if you are in the place of 18.5 million of various heads….then you surely can’t be kind to everyone….
And whether it may be ’93 or whether it be 26/11….
But the most fortunate thing about this city is….
It resides in many hearts full of love and dignity….
And people always work to make it a working lot of blood nerves called unity!


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