Lost in the Woods of love

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Analyst by Profession,Artist by heart, love dancing (Odishi),singing, craftwork,interest in painting though I don’t sketch or paint much but can understand the insight of artist mind, Traveller and an from Odisha ,but now staying in Florida,love reading stories and for me writing is the form of expressing your innermost thoughts.

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A happy child Maggie had grown up in a very optimistic environment but as time passed, she felt there was something missing. Why she was adjusting with whatever she had? Why she was not wishing to live her life her way and not to just make others happy? Though everyone around were happy and proud of her but she was not. There always a call from heart. She would get her soulmate one day. Wherever she didn’t know, how she didn’t know. But there was a deep instinct which grabbed her heart and whispered, she’d meet her “soulmate” soon.

The day she was waiting for years was just another day for others. But for her it was a special day. She just saw that person for the first time and my heart felt, “Ah, this the one my heart was eagerly waiting for!”

One who understands what you love, one who sees you with eyes full of love and care, one who makes you more positive about the things happening around. It was the feeling of being on cloud nine. No more feelings of emptiness, there was happiness all around. The way they saw the things around, the way they ate together, the way they sang together, the way they walked by the beach, the way of believing the whole world was within, was incredible.

Soulmate, the real mate who touches your soul in such a way that though apart, a feeling of the presence makes you complete.

The day finally arrived and just like in a blink of eyes, she carved all memories in her heart being sure that this was the only one going to stay for with her forever.

The memories carved sometimes gets dust on it by own visualization. She had to bend down to dust it and make it pure. An eternal truth sometimes tear you from inside and wrap you in a silver foil, suffocating you. No one, not even the soulmate would help because you may have found a soulmate but the soulmate didn’t find one within you.

Maggie shuffled, struggled, punished, but then realized that perhaps she was following the path of destruction. She decided to stop. As a cost of this she was going to lose the precious and most lovable soulmate and take herself away from him. Soulmates only wish happiness and more goodness and more blessing instead of trapping someone selfishly for their happy life.

In search for the soulmate, Maggie wanted to live for him and not make him live for her.


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