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R. Saranya

R.Saranya is born on May 2000. She is the daughter of truck driver G. Ramanathan and R. Siddeswari from Sankari area of Salem District in Tamilnadu. She is studying B.A in English and her institute is Anbu Artsand Science College, Komarapalayam. She wants to go for higher studies before opting for a profession.

My father’s has driving experience of 30 years. He takes his truck to different distant locations. Driving since so long helped him develop clear idea of Indian road conditions.

Long distance driving is tiring. After he returns home from a long trip, he shares his experiences on the road with me. Sometimes construction zone or bad weather creates bad road condition. But many times accidents happen because roads are poorly maintained. In India, we cannot blame the authority if vehicle loses control due to badly designed road or falls in large pothole. The driver is booked whenever accident happens.

My father says he faced really poor road conditions in the beginning of his career. Nowadays roads are properly constructed and well-maintained in most of the states. One can smoothly drive in highways now. Driving on roads without channel divide is always difficult. These days road are safer as markings are put up correctly on most of those.  Once roads used to be so broken that driver could not avoid small accidents every now and then. This led to frequent tyre damages too. Repairing cost was a big burden for our kind of poor family.

One day father was travelling to Kochi via NH 47, as usual during night. The speed was around 60 km/h. The patch of the road was full of potholes. He managed avoiding all those very well except a deep one with sharp edge. He did not have time to press the brake as he had spotted it only 2 seconds before his truck jumped over it. Within moments he realized that the truck’s right front tyre had deflated. It was beyond repair. The sharp edge pierced the truck tyre like a spear.

This incident saddened all of us; the cost of changing truck tyre took a toll on our ration of food for several months.  Thank God now we have better roads in our country. Our vehicle is also in good health now. Being able to improve his economic status to some extent, my father is also happy.

He is hard-working. He has three daughters and he adores all of us. He gives importance to my sister’s and my education. Sometimes he finds bearing the cost of education too difficult. But he manages his expenditures carefully during every difficult time so that our education is never affected.

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