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“I think you should draw some lines in certain conversations.” She simply walked out.

And suddenly, out of nowhere I remembered my engineering days. We had this subject called ‘Engineering Graphics’ or drawing, as people call it. Believe me or not, I attempted that subject three times, failing successively in the range of 35-40. Once you begin the drawing, you simply can’t leave the hall for good four hours, which is another reason why I failed.

The objectives of the subject primarily being the Curves, the most depressing ones compared to the hopes the word raises. These are about orthographic projections, auxiliary projections, isometric projections, missing views and the free hand sketches. Those were my favorite even though they would drive us nuts! Three times all of that! Who would not remember the syllabus in the order?

It occurs to me now that I wasted 12 hours of a complete day just sitting in the exam hall. I finally considered escaping!

Meanwhile there were those who cleared it all, scoring well above 80. They should have donated their excessive marks to those who struggled, but sadly, they were all ‘AB+’ professionals! Many received placements in IT companies, dating their equals while others are abroad pursuing PG programs.

What happened to those who chose creativity? They struggled for a job or a love life for that matter. I mean, c’mon! However much fiction we love, everybody wants that high earning, stable partner to fulfil their needs. Where does creativity come into that? You must be joking!

The term ‘Line Drawing’ is commonly used for describing the behavioral aspects. Like, you cannot simply tell the truth unless you have Asperger syndrome! You must draw some lines. First, you need to bring flowers, do some nice talking, show off the salary and gear up for all the lies that follow. If it all goes fine, you could take her wherever you like and marry her too just in case!

This is Line Drawing! Great, isn’t it? My score is 35, what is yours?
P.S. My blood Group: O+


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  • Aditya Kajarekar27/05/2017 at 10:38 AM

    Great story. Hope the author finds it published and comes back to share his intro.

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