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Born and brought up in Mumbai, Kavita Iyer has a closely knit family and friends. Her passion for writing poems started from college days and they used to get published in college magazines. This motivated her to write more during free time. She loves Urdu shayaris and have also attempted to compose a few. Apart from poems and shayaris Kavita is inclined towards writing short stories, motivational essays that bring some positive vibrance to routine life.

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Those tiny little fingers that once fitted my palm
Have outgrown mine today,
I knew I would one day miss that innocent face and cute smile of yours,
As you will turn into a handsome young man some day!

Sitting on the couch of her balcony, she was missing her son very much. Past memories flashed across her mind. Prof. Kamla as she is fondly known, was an eminent professor in a reputed college during her wee days. She had met her husband Keshav in her college itself. No he wasn’t a teacher or professor there, but her student. Keshav was in his final year B.E. in that college when eyes first met in their college canteen. It was love at first sight! They both fell for each other and were madly in love. She was 6 years elder to him, but age never deterred their decision of getting married, as they had made up their mind to spend their rest of their lives together. After 2 years of courtship, they finally got married. It was initially difficult to convince their families but eventually they agreed. Keshav was from a business family and in no time he had taken up the responsibility of managing his family-run business. With marriage came responsibility. Kamla had to quit her job post marriage, as they were soon blessed with a handsome prince, Kashish.

Kamla had now become all the more engrossed in her family life. Moreover she had to manage all these challenges alone since Keshav would be on official outstation trips most of the time. He had almost no time for Kamla and his kid, and this would leave Kamla frustrated. The friction between the two just increased day by day, ending in heated arguments every time. She used to vent her frustration on her 4 year old kid, by scolding him, “C’mon pick up all your toys, keep them in place. I am tired of cleaning the mess you create all around!”
But she knew this mess was all temporary and her son would soon lose interest in toys once he grows up!

She was right. Kashish grew up and had now settled abroad for higher studies. She was terribly missing the mess, the noise, the busy schedule she once had. Her home today was buried in silence with no one to talk to, all things neat and tidy, in proper place, no disorder anywhere!!

Sitting in the couch of her balcony, Kamla was reminiscing her good old days spent with her only son when he was a kid. She had only he in her life now as Keshav had left Kamla. Their marriage didn’t last long. He left her alone to manage their kid, only to settle with his childhood sweetheart.

The doorbell rang. Kamla who was lost in the past, revived to the present. She ran hurriedly as she knew it would be Kashish who was to return home today finally after finishing his studies. “Kashish, my love, welcome home.” Her joy knew no bounds as she was meeting him in person after 3 long years. She was picking up his luggage to carry them inside their home, when she noticed a pretty young lady standing beside the luggage.

Before she could ask anything, Kashish came forward to introduce her “Ma, this is Kate, I had told you about her last time when we met in Skype.”
“Oh yes, I remember, you had made a mention of her, being a professor in your university.”
“Yes Ma, she’s now my wife, we just had a court marriage few days before our arrival to India.”
Kamla stood there stunned, speechless, as it was only Keshav and her failed marriage that flashed across her mind on hearing this.
Before she could react, Kashish hugged her close and said, “Don’t worry Ma, I know what you are thinking right now. But I assure you, I won’t be like Papa. I shall take care of Kate and you, and we will be a Happy Family.

Kamla had tears rolling down her eyes, but this time it was “Tears of Joy”. She heartily welcomed her son Kashish and daughter Kate and the family lived together happily ever after.


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