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Swathi Verram

Born in June 1998, Swathi Verram hails from Bhadradri, Telangana. She is currently pursuing her third year B.Sc at Sahithi Degree College. Born to truck driver, Mr. Yerram Kumara Swami and Yerram Uma Devi, Swathi aspires to complete her degree and get a job.

Driving is the very difficult job. In the profession, drivers face many difficulties on a day to day basis.  The drivers and their driving skills on the road play an important role. They face many problems. Such situations occur often and when they do, they do not know what can be done. I know those situations up, close and personal, because my father has been driving for years. He is a perfect driver. He keeps his licence with him all the time. When he drives, he is very calm and does his duty effectively.

While driving he saw many accidents which made him feel emotional. At the diversions or at the traffic he too faced many accidents which made him  stop and take a deep breath.

He never drinks while driving and is a responsible driver. During the rainy season, he faces many difficulties. He can’t reach his target place at the stipulated time.

Sometimes when he is on duty, he travels  long distances to other cities, states. Our family members fear very much because if the route is dangerous, my father wouldn’t be safe. When he is not at home, all of us feel lonely.

During the night time, he often does not have time to sleep and he carries on with his driving. He maintains his concentration in all the situations. If he does not arrive home on time, we feel very disappointed and support one another through positive words that give us hope and strength.

At that time we felt very nervous and emotional because we were not able to reach him. When he is on the road, our family always worries about his safety. When he is driving, we hope he does not interfere or collide with the traffic from both sides. He makes sure he drives safe.

I felt anxiety many times due to the events my father has faced during his trips across the country, such as accidents, hijacking, natural calamities like floods. He did not have complete sleep that causes him to be sick and unwell.

There are so much of problems he faced in summer, as in the summer season, the tyres would be punctured easily, as well as the engine heats up easily. Sometimes the drivers do not have the facilities to repair the truck immediately and this leads them to many adventures to find a repair person.

I learn many things through my papa. In such situations, he says, it is important how you control your mind to be calmer and concentrate. He is an educated and effective driver, a caring person that is always guiding me how to live in society. He is my role model. When he is not at home, I feel that my dad is my life and I love him very much. My dad is happy and my family members are happy too when he is safe and with us, at home.

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