Lies Trail Behind

Bharti Singh

20 year old Bharti hails from Sonipat Haryana. Born to truck driver, Randheer Singh and Nirmala Devi, she aspires to be a successful English lecturer and a translator. Currently she studies in G.V.M Girls College, Sonepat.

It was the year 2001. One day, my father turned for Narnaul from Sonepat with his truck. From there he filled the vehicle with mustard stock and went out to Faizabad. There, after emptying his truck he moved back to the transport company and left for Calcutta after filling his truck back with sugar merchandise. Mobile phones were not there in those days. My father thought that he would call us later from an STD booth. But going on further he found that the all the STD phones on the way were malfunctioning. There was some problem with the networks. It was a four day route from Faizabad to Calcutta.

The day my father filled his truck in Faizabad, on the same day, the transport company called us on the landline telephone. They said, “Your father’s truck has fallen into the gulf in Sasaram (Bihar).

Full story to be published into a book soon

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