Lessons on Road Safety

Mohammadi Begum

Born in March 2000, Mohammadi Begum hails from Vikarabad, Telangana. She is currently studying her first year at People’s Degree College. Born to truck driver, Mr Mohd Farooq and Parveen Begum, Mohammadi Begum aspires to become a good teacher.

Whenever we start the truck,  we must  first check the side mirrors. The main motto for road safety in ensuring no accidents take place is in the side mirrors of trucks. It is important that the driver must see all sides of the road and take into account the total environment. My father has fifteen years of experience in driving and until today, he did not meet with any accident on the road. It is important that the  people who drive must know the rules and regulation of roads.

When my father drives the truck, he makes sure not to rowdily overtake the other vehicle but have patience. Even when he sees another vehicle speeding or coming from the opposite direction, he uses the horn. When driving, the presence of speed-breakers ensure that the pace and speed are normalized. The normal speed of a truck is eighty and high speed classifies as anything above ninety.. Signals are very important when we drive a vehicle on the road. Before going to any place, it is important that we check the oil, petrol, or diesel and so on, to ensure a smooth journey. My father ensures that the headlights of the truck are not broken and are in good condition. He tells the person who sits beside the driver to be alert. If he falls asleep, it may result in an accident as the truck would not move in a sequential manner.

On damaged roads, the truck can be damaged as well, if one is not careful. My father hence drives the truck slow and steady, particularly while driving through unsafe roads.

 Once, my father encountered heavy rain while driving and he was unable to see the road ahead. It is commendable that my father managed this situation, though it was difficult for him.

I will continue to learn many things from my father’s experience. I especially learn how to drive the vehicles on the road smoothly. When I am not reading or studying, in my mind, suddenly my father’s thoughts come and I realise how hard my father works to support us all.

At that point, I read and study with more interest. I want to thank my father for all he does for us.

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