Laughter’s Postage Stamp

About Suktara Ray

Suktara Ray is one of those inspirational women you wish you knew. Got married at 19, travelled across countries, had her two children, sent them to school, went back to her studies to finish her Bachelor's and Master’s. In the midst of life she learnt French, Russian and how to play the piano, acted in a film and theatres too, all the while remaining totally dedicated to her kids. She is a woman-wonder for her children.

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in the park in front of the patio,
the eucalyptus dances in gay abandon.
laughter’s postage stamp on an envelope of the early morning breeze.
a symphony of birds, rising, lilting, lifting.

under the tree, five old men,
hearing nothing,
seeing nothing,
comprehending nothing.
in scorching emasculating summer heat,
they are at their unending game of cards.
now and then, their muted shouts of joy meander within hearing.

five snuffed out humans,
awaiting their destined turns at life’s game of dice.


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