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The arms of weighed down trees swung in the summer breeze as the incessant night crawled by. Anvesha could literally see the veins of time on her hands. A carefree kite struggled for freedom from the branches of the birch tree in her garden. “It’s probably one of the kids from the neighborhood yet again,” she thought to herself. “What if hard work starts consuming a person and what if playing does not seem that time-consuming to us as to a blithe child?”
She had come back home from work late at night and since then, she was sitting on her living-room window seat with a glass of port wine in hand and a trail of thoughts intoxicating her mind.
Morning made its way into the black sky and brushed the remnants of the night under its white carpet. A kid in a blue jumper came running and shouting for her mother to get him a ladder. A man in his thirties followed his son’s voice and scampered into Anvesha’s garden. He held the kid up on his shoulders as the tiny hands of the kid reached for the red and blue kite stuck within innumerable twisted branches.
The kite was cradled down unscathed. The thrilled young boy sprinted across the garden and into his yard. The man smiled and returned to his yard that had lesser twigs and wildflowers than the unkempt garden he just walked out of.
A smile lingered on Anvesha’s lips. She had been sitting right there for not less than seven hours. She knew that she would go to work today as well and come back with yet another deal finalizedat the cost of many precious moments lost. She knew that every day would be the same. She could have been with her family and most importantly, her son. But she knew that she could not go back.
She would now give anything to just sit and watch merry children for the entire day.
The vicious cycle of life is such that it makes a machine out of man. A machine that swivels into the same orbit day and night around the sun, which seems close but is many dreams away. Anvesha could now understand the simple pleasures of being—the innocent eyes of her son, the way he held her little finger and the way he made her feel secure by embracing her without any demands or expectations.
She married young as she did not want to take a chance with time. Ambition kicked in later. She decided to have a baby as she never knew if life would trick her later on. Everything had become an accomplishment for her—items to be marked off her list. Three years passed by and she moved to another city that could have been a ladder in terms of professional growth.
One day, disaster struck. She came back to an empty house as every other day but also to countless missed calls, which was unusual. Her son had fallen from a ladder. His father had frantically taken him to every medical center possible but the boy had hit his head. All that was left of him with her were blurred memories and incomplete sentences that he attempted when she left him with her husband. Her life hit rock bottom. She could not gather the courage to go back home. She chose a cowardly escape into a bottle of sleeping pills.
Anvesha could literally see the veins of time on her hands. A carefree kite struggled to get free from the branches of the birch tree in her garden. It’s probably one of the kid’s from the neighborhood yet again, she thought to herself.
The kid came suspiciously into the garden, climbed up the tree and brought down the torn kite. Sunlight hit the living room windowpane which made the boy glance at the window. He fled with a shriek.
A cackle of laughter from the neighborhood kids could be heard from the lane. “Chicken! No one lives in that house.”


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7 Response Comments

  • Indu khanna02/03/2017 at 8:26 AM

    A heart wrenching reality of today’s life.very well written ,crisp and touching story.shall we take it as an emergency call and find some balance?The questions posed are very relevant,let’s not loose ourselves in this melee.well, Roshni,you have posed some real questions to mull before everything is lost

    • Roshni Vijay03/03/2017 at 9:57 AM

      Thank you so much! This means a lot. Let’s find that balance within. 🙂

    • Roshni02/04/2017 at 8:39 AM

      Thank you so much 🙂

  • Shubham Jaiswal07/04/2017 at 11:56 AM

    Great writing Rosh. Still feeling the chills 🙂

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