Kissing the Soggy Sand

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Abhay is a passionate ideator, creative strategist, copywriter, writer and digital content generator. He has studied applied art from a premier art school and has been an art director in the past. However, over time, he has discovered that his natural abilities are aligned with writing.

Abhay’s work philosophy:
“Nothing original in this world is temporary. Ever heard of temporary mother’s love? Or washable peacock feathers? I try to follow this cardinal rule while ideating and strive to bring permanency in my work’s value.”

Abhay’s tagline:
My pen is my rainbow.

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Kissing the sea sand’s soul.

Juhu beach. Date and time: Today and now.

I stand still, facing the monolithic vastness of the sea. My feet are my lips. They embrace the soggy sand in a cushy kiss. The padded wet sand responds with trembling tentativeness. I close my eyes and let the sensation soak every atom in me. My ecstasy continues unabated. I gently raise and lower my feet, and the act becomes playful. The velvety sand holds on to my feet possessively, not wanting to let go of them. I press harder and its hold becomes stronger. After a while, the sensory delight starts receding and I decide, it is time to move on.

But the sand has other ideas, perhaps. With each step that I take, it hugs my feet with more intensity. I give in to its possessiveness after some time and stand still once again. This time around, my feet probe deeper, treading beyond the sand’s body beautiful, exploring what lies beneath its velvety surface. Long moments become minutes, and it is then that I discover the sand’s inner continent, its soul.

The sand’s soul and mine, they become soulmates. We rejoice with this union.

The date and time? Let it be today and now, so that every time it is read, it is today and now.


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