Kashmir – an Ideology, an Opinion, some Emotions, and maybe a Geography

About Rumi Dasgupta

Rumi Dasgupta is a lecturer, researcher and Editor in-Chief of a scientific journal she has just started. She is working to promote the importance of research in the field of toxicology and forensic sciences in India. She loves to talk about anything and everything under the sun, listening to music and travelling.

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Year, 2015. A newly wed bride is out to explore the exotic beauty of Kashmir in India.  While she is an out-and-out tourist, with each new corner of the valley enhancing her love for mountains, Rumi Dasgupta’s relationship with the valley is far more profound than the excitement of a seasonal visitor. Her in-laws had been one of those unfortunate Kashmiri Pandits, who had to leave behind their belongings in the valley and run, only with their life, over-night.

Rumi’s travel through various known and unknown corners of Kashmir makes her experience the land simultaneously through the emotions of an insider as well as the awe of an outsider. Her travel diaries touch the depths of almost two different stories, embedded in one.

A seven day series appears below :


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