Its You I am Looking For – Part 3

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KrishRa is the author's pseudonym, and she prefers it like that. She wants her stories told and heard, she wants her stories to have an identity of their own as the author takes the back-stage.

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Well, this was not the usual behaviour of girls around him. No flattering eye lashes, no sweet smiles, no blushes, no stammering. She was damn confident. Quite impressive.
He shook his head. Still lost in thoughts, he pulled off the engine of his car. Just then he located something. A paper. He picked it up. She must have dropped it in haste. He thought.
He would not go upstairs to hand her this paper now. His resolution was firm enough. But he still found himself climbing the stairs of the office she had entered.
Phew! What a flight of stairs!
Almost two floors and she climbed it with that injured foot. He was close to admiring her now.
He reached the only entrance in that building. It was then he read the name of the office.
VPS Careers Pvt Ltd. A coaching institute for entrance exams. He had heard the name of the institute from his friends back in college.
There was no one sitting in the reception.

“Oh! I couldn’t miss this class!” A voice echoed loud enough and he moved towards the source. He stood at the entrance of a room, peeping in.
She was there, surrounded by a group of all grown up boys, some 15 to 20 in number.
“Its okay Ma’am. We will continue next week. You take some rest.” One of them spoke.
“No! Already you have just two classes and we would lag behind if I miss this class. And I think I can manage with you guys. And I have got a lot of amazing questions for practice. Can’t wait to share them with you.” She loudly announced. “Just that one of you would have to volunteer for the writing on the board.”

She chuckled and the group followed suit.
He was lost in his own thoughts. Or maybe, her laughter. It was so carefree, retaining no traces of the accident she had just had.
His trance was broken when he realised all eyes looking at him. He immediately held forward the paper.
“I found it in the car.”
She leaped ahead to take it, the sudden movement making her wince.
“Thank You. This was such an important paper. Thanks a lot.” She muttered, looking at the paper.
“You t.e.a. c. h… here?” He asked.
“Yes, I believe so.” She gave an amused reply.
He was equally amused.
“And colleges don’t open on Sunday.” She stated as a matter of fact. She smiled and his heart skipped a beat.
Why? He still was to figure out.

He proceeded to leave when he realised that she had got busy with her session. As he drove off, he recalled all the events of the day. A smile plastered on his face. It was after a long time that he felt so light.
Not all accidents are causes of worry. Some could be pleasant.

His driver informed him about the repaired scooty and inquired about the place where he had to deliver it finally.
“The driver can drop it. There is no need for me to accompany.”

The last four hours had passed in arguments with self. Just when he thought he was firm on his stand, he found himself leading the way for the driver to follow. He gave her a call as he reached her centre. A wait of almost 5 minutes and she was downstairs. He moved forward and handed over the keys of the scooty.

“Thank You”, she muttered, as she inspected her vehicle.
“I can drop you home. I mean if its a problem driving it. I mean your leg must be hurting.” He was unusually low on confidence.
“No, I’ll manage. You already have helped so much. And that reminds me, how much did the repair cost?” She quickly chipped in.
“Ohh! Never mind that.” His words went unheard as she took out some money.
“No, as it is you are hurt due to my carelessness. Please, it is okay.” He said.
“No, the repair must have cost a fortune.” She said as she glanced towards his driver standing aside.
“No, it wasn’t that much.” The driver responded as she cast him an interrogative look.
She quickly handed him one note and kicked start her scooty and drove off. His eyes followed her retreating form for quite some time.


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