Its You I am Looking For – Part 22

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“Why now?” Aastha could only murmur, holding back her tears, touched by his bare honesty.
“Sweets, I wanted you to know everything about me, like I know…”
“Like you know everything about me…” this time it was her turn to complete his sentence.
“And you say all these kind things, when you know everything about Mr…..”
He did not let her complete the sentence.
“Yes I say this because I know everything about YOU. Likewise I want you to say the same for me, love me, despite knowing everything about me.
“How come you seemed to know everything about me? Remember that night, how easily you coerced me into talking about Mr. X?” She asked.
“Guess, I sensed US way before you did. But that is good in a way. That way you would have a lifetime to sense it too. It would make life quite interesting, what say?” He replied with a little wink, as her heart skipped a beat at his gesture.

“And now that you know everything about me, what do you think?” He asked looking deep in her eyes, searching for approval.

Aastha was too tongue tied to respond. His honest confession of his past had intrigued her as much as his presence had done all these months, right from the time he had held her arm while helping her after the accident. How would she ever explain what she felt at the moment? Yes, Aakash was right. She had a lifetime to explain. About all those moments she had just let the situations pass without much thought. Right from the day after the accident when she handed him his schedule, she had felt his eyes on her. That intense stare. It always intrigued her. When he had asked her name or when she would find him in each of her classes, gravely silent but alert. And when she was told that he attended only her classes, she had tried not to read much into the situation.

But when she had learnt about his mother, she could ignore no more. Yes, she would explain how flustered she was when she had fished out his number from the office records. She had literally sneaked it out with her heart racing. And she had erased that simple ‘hello’ umpteen times before pressing that send button finally. Then she had bared her heart out to him. Why? She had asked herself this many times. Why was it so easy to tell him everything and how would he know that she had something to say?

Yes, she would tell him all this some time later, but not now. Today she could do anything but speak.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she sailed through the memories.
The touch of his fingers on her cheeks as he wiped those tears sent waves down her spine. She shivered not from the cool November weather but from his intense stare. Her tears had bothered him. But she could not say a word.
A soft smile that appeared on her lips, followed by a short laughter, was enough to wipe away all his worries, it was enough to assure him of her ‘yes’.
He lowered his head towards her, looking in her eyes as both shared a hearty laughter. It was smiles through the tears that lightened their mood.
He took her in an embrace gently, as she rested her head on his chest. His heartbeats had calmed down and so had her breath. His embrace was all warm and secure, then why she felt the sudden gush of wind sending a mild chill in her body.
No, it could not be!
It never rains in November.
But today it did!
A light drizzle, a light rainfall, soaked them as they stood there, arms in arms.
They did not care. The warmth of the hug was enough to shoo away all the cold around.
Yes, it never rains in November, but the universe too didn’t care to go a little out of the way. The universe too wished to celebrate. After all, it was not everyday that two souls meant to be together found each other. Not everybody could read the signs that it often threw across lovers. Not everyone chose to follow their hearts and go beyond logical explanations.

Yes, it did rain today unexpectedly and it will do every time two souls guided by universe would follow the path it shows.

Next time, if you come across any such unexpected showers, keep in mind that somewhere in this universe, two soulmates must have found each other.



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  • Aparna Mondal05/04/2019 at 9:43 AM

    Lovely story. Read episode after episode and each one kept me gripped as the story progressed. A love story so beautiful. Loved the end with the philosophic note. 👏👏. Loved reading it.

  • Shivranjan Poojari10/04/2019 at 8:15 PM

    Loved reading all the episodes. Last line was really wonderful.

  • Divyanshi24/05/2019 at 11:36 PM

    Lovely story , was completely absorbed in reading the episodes, so gripped with its progress. I lack words to express how this story touched my heart , wonderful narration. Wish i get to read some more like this from you.

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