Its You I am Looking For – Part 2

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KrishRa is the author's pseudonym, and she prefers it like that. She wants her stories told and heard, she wants her stories to have an identity of their own as the author takes the back-stage.

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Her scooty had fallen on her leg and it was slightly injured other than some scratches on arms and also on palm. He lifted the scooty and rescued her leg. She tried to get up, wincing in pain. He offered her his hand. It was then she cast a glance at him. His eyes were apologetic while hers projected the aftermath of an accident. A little tearful, a little confused and lost. She took a step forward without his help. When she tripped a little, he grabbed her arm and gave her the much required support. She moved a little further and attempted to ride her scooty, silently. He came forward. “Let me help you Ma’am.” He grabbed the handle of the scooty. “I suppose there is a little damage but I’ll get it repaired. And please let me take you to some doctor for first aid.”

Considerable crowd had gathered around them but witnessing that he was helping the victim in all earnest, they were at peace. A couple of them moved on.
“But what about my scooty? I can’t leave it here like this.” She suddenly burst out.
He helped her move a little aside on the road so as to allow the free flow of traffic again. A kind shopkeeper from the road-side shop brought a chair and he made her sit on it. Next, he removed her scooty and his car and parked them on one side of the road. While picking up the scooty, he noticed books lying on the road.
“Must have fallen from the scooty. A college student.” He thought.
“Ma’am, are these your books?” He asked her.
She nodded and quickly grabbed them.
He saw her inspecting the books, to inspect if they were damaged too.
“Nothing happened to them..” He said with a little mirth in his eyes.
No reaction.
He found her attitude amusing. “See, I’ll take you to the nearby clinic for first aid and get your scooty repaired. I’ll drop you to your home as well. I don’t think you’ll be able to attend your college today.” He offered.
It was her turn to get amused now. She cast him a queer glance and took her phone out from the pocket of her jeans. It was ringing. She picked up the call. Next, he heard her soft voice reasoning with someone.
“Yes sir, I know….”
“A minor accident just happened…”
“I am almost fine…”
“No, I’ll come. Tell them to wait for some time. I’ll reach there in another 15 minutes…..”
“For sure, Sir…..”
She needed to reach somewhere urgently. Out of courtesy, he offered to drop her. As no other option seemed viable, she agreed. But the next moment, another thought stopped her.

“But, my scooty!” Her voice trailed off as he promptly replied, “No worries, I’ll ask my driver to get it repaired and get it to you.”
She seemed satisfied for now.
He helped her get inside his car. He will worry about the damage to his vehicle later. Right now, his focus was on the one seated beside him. She politely directed him the way.
Left…. now right… yes second left from here…
She was crisp with her instructions.
The drive for the next 15 minutes was a quite affair. Her calm and composed attitude even at this moment made him look at her again and again. For once, when he glanced, she looked at him at the same instance. What followed was an unplanned eye contact.
He hesitantly asked, “Are you okay?”
She just nodded. He shrugged off.
“Yes, that’s it. Please drop me here.” The car came to a halt. He checked the building. It was a commercial complex.
“And please do drop my scooty here. I’ll be here for another 4 to 5 hours.” She spoke in one breath.
“What if it takes more time to get repaired?” He inquired.
She quickly grabbed a pen from her pocket, scribbled something and handed him the torn page.
“Inform me on this number, whatever the case. Alright. Thanks.” She hurriedly walked away, not even turning around once.


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