Its You I am Looking For – Part 19

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KrishRa is the author's pseudonym, and she prefers it like that. She wants her stories told and heard, she wants her stories to have an identity of their own as the author takes the back-stage.

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Aastha just let out a deep sigh on hearing such sweet words from him.
“You are special Aakash, very special. And do you want to know how I feel when you are saying all these things to me?”
“How?” He whispered, hoarsely.
“Like some sensations travel in my body, soothing me by your each and every word. Its like… Like I feel….” she searched for a proper word.
“….Tremors.” He completed.
“Yes, how do you know?”
“Because I feel it too. I love you Aastha, right from the day I first saw you. I have spent sleepless nights keeping this feeling in my heart, trying hard every time just to let you know. That I LOVE YOU. You are my healer, my only hope, you make me happy. You calm me. I Just LOVE YOU. ” He went on like forever.

“Won’t you tell me how you feel…” he asked.
“I feel all this and I also feel like sleeping.” she murmured.

The events of the day and those tears had drained all the energy from her and now hearing these sweet words from him sent soothing waves in her body, relaxing her, wiping all the tensions of the day.
“Then sleep. I am here, just don’t hang up the phone,” He said just to keep the call connected. “I want to hear you sleep. Sleep sweets, and we will talk tomorrow.” He kept on murmuring sweet talks until he could hear her uneven breaths. She had slept and he lied down listening to her breathing until sleep came all over him as well.

He slept quite late, for when he woke up in the morning and checked his phone, he saw a message from her.
“Good morning, I think we need to talk. How about coffee at 11 today, the cafe near the institute?”
Her text read. He just smiled.
When he walked in to the cafe at the usual time, he found her already there, waiting. She was in her usual attire. That long kurti with jeans, but there was some difference. Was it the blush on her cheeks that made her look so appealing? Or her complexion just reflecting the colour of her kurti?

Instead of taking a chair beside her, he grabbed her hand and took her outside where his car was parked. He opened the door for it, signalling her to sit. Hesitantly she sat there. He was nervous. Yes, he had to speak to her but there was a lot he had to tell her.

His behaviour astonished her. He was sitting tight lipped, not even looking at her once. Ohh, what does he intend to do and where is he taking me? Finally, when she could bear no longer, she asked him, “Please Aakash, just tell me where are we going and why are you so serious?”
He just looked at her with a grave expression. He could not get his resolve go any weaker. He averted his eyes, gluing them on the road.

The atmosphere inside was tensed and both were anxious.


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