Its You I am Looking For – Part 18

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KrishRa is the author's pseudonym, and she prefers it like that. She wants her stories told and heard, she wants her stories to have an identity of their own as the author takes the back-stage.

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His heart thumped aloud when she didn’t pick up the call in the fourth ring. She usually answered by the second ring.

He let out a sigh of relief when the call got answered finally. And all he could hear was her uneven breathing. Wait! Did she suppress a sob!
His heart ached to know that she had been crying.

“Hey, sweets, are you crying?” He asked softly.
“No,” her voice again suppressing a sob.
“I am so sorry. But I really don’t know why it’s still hurting so much.” She cried out aloud not been able to control anymore.
“I’ll explain everything to you, just don’t cry. My heart aches when I imagine you like this. Please sweets. Please.” her sobs was literally burning his heart.
“I am so sorry.” was all she could mutter.
“AASTHA…. just stop. Will you? There is no need to be sorry and it is okay if it has hurt you. Well, the hurt is a good sign. It shows that it matters. It means that you care..” his voice that began with an authoritative tone ended up being soft and warm.
And it melted all her reserves.

“Why do you say so?” She asked.
“You know how I felt when I opened your gift?” He asked.
She nodded as if he’ll see through her gesture. He did.
“When I opened your gift, I could see you walking into the showroom, carefully laying eyes on each and every piece, picking this one, examining it left right, caressing it with your fingers. I know you would have put it on your wrist to feel how would it look on mine.”

The moment froze Aastha when she heard him detailing out the scene as if he had been watching, “How do you know all this? You weren’t there?” She asked.
“Yes, I wasn’t there, but I could visualize everything. And its true that when this model was launched it was not much appreciated. And I also didn’t like it much. I even ridiculed it.” He paused here and could feel her take a sharp intake of breath.
“You know why it was not very well received?
“Why?” She muttered between tears.
“Because of its sheer simplicity. There was no bling in it. It was not too trendy. Like you can say not going over the board. It was a classic piece and it takes an equally precious heart to figure out the beauty in this delicate piece. You did it, sweets. You liked it because it is just like you. Simple yet beautiful, classic and trendy. Its just once in a lifetime piece. And if I did not like it then, I love it now. Because I can see you in it. Its not just a gift, its you, its your heart and soul in it. And I’ll cherish it forever. Just like I would cherish you… Forever.. Love you… keep you close to my heart…I want to melt in your soul and keep you in mine. And you know how it made me feel?” He asked.
“Hmmm.” She said, too flustered to speak.
“I felt so special. I have received so many presents, but never has anything touched my soul like it did. It just straightway found its way in my heart. To know that you took all the pains to buy this for me, Aastha, I just cannot explain how I feel. Am I that special for you? Do I matter that much? Am I that important in your life? I felt loved, cherished and even if I put you on some pedestal and worship you all my life, none could get close to how I felt and have been feeling since you gave me this watch.”


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