Its You I am Looking For – Part 16

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KrishRa is the author's pseudonym, and she prefers it like that. She wants her stories told and heard, she wants her stories to have an identity of their own as the author takes the back-stage.

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It took Aakash a moment to realise that she was referring to Mr. X and his fingers curled up to form a punch, in an attempt to control his anger and jealousy. To know that he was around her burned his soul.
Aastha, unaware of his reaction continued speaking, “I came out of my class when I saw him sitting there, and for the first time, his presence did not bother me at all. He saw me, greeted me, I also returned the greetings and that was it. He wanted to speak more, I could see, but I did not feel like, so I just left from there. I didn’t want to go to the nearby cafe for my coffee. I mean he would have come there and I don’t have the patience to talk to him anymore. I just can’t. Not anymore.”
The last line came with a big smile. And she looked at him.
Caught up by his intense stare, she spoke up, “All thanks to you. Really, I had to tell you this. I so wanted to talk to you like, now itself. And so when I kind of… checked… realised you were here…. so…”
It was his smile that stopped her incoherence. She was embarrassed to admit that she had come here in the hope to meet him.
He was warmed by this gesture and her innocent admission.
Aastha never had the thought that she would be caught up in her act and her admittance made her flustered. To divert the topic she quickly added, “So, any comments about the movie?”
Aakash had noticed her initial embarrassment. He had other plans than to indulge her interest in a silly film review.
He pulled up his right sleeve and strategically placed the palm of his hand under his chin.
The watch she had given as his gift yesterday was now on his right wrist. His left index finger tapping the dial of the watch.
She saw and understood all his actions.
She was captivated by that passionate look in his eyes.
Her heart started pounding fiercely while her cheeks were blush red. She could not describe the plethora of emotions she was experiencing. She kept still as his eyes held her, trying to read whatever was there in it.
So lost were they in each other, they didn’t know that his friends who by now had come there after the movie had taken seats on the same table.
“Bro, so you had a date and you never told us.” complained Rahul with a glint of mischief.
“That explains why he was so restless all though the movie.” Vikrant chipped in.
The sudden approach took them by surprise and they were too lost to take a hold of themselves.
Aakash was about to say something when Neha spoke up mockingly, “Hey look at this watch! Where did you fish it out from? This is one year old model and was not much appreciated. I remember you too made fun of it and declared that only a fool would buy it. So what happened now? Please remove it. Can’t imagine seeing this on you!” Her tone was disparaging enough.


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