Its You I am Looking For – Part 14

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KrishRa is the author's pseudonym, and she prefers it like that. She wants her stories told and heard, she wants her stories to have an identity of their own as the author takes the back-stage.

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A routine good morning text followed by a thank you for the gift was all the conversation he managed to have with her. She seemed to be busy. He was about to go to the institute, when his friends dragged him to a movie instead. After the movie, for sure. He thought.

The movie did little to tickle his funny bones. His friends had picked up this rom com and were thoroughly enjoying it. Their laughter and expressions were proof enough. But Aakash had all his thoughts directed to one person. What would she be doing? There was no update from her end. Not a single message, no call. He ached to talk to her, to listen to her voice. After the movie, the first thing he’d do is to rush to her. Have a heart to heart talk with her. Leaving in between the movie would sound rude. His mind was fighting with his heart.
The movie was barely half an hour towards its end when he got up in haste and left the hall. He could no longer sit there. The unexplainable anxiety was consuming him up.

He rushed to the nearest food counter and ordered for a bottle of water.

Time really had changed or may be he had. Earlier to kill anxiety, he would turn to drugs and now her thoughts were enough between those sips of water. He smiled as he sipped more and looked around aimlessly.
Was he hallucinating?

Or was she really there in the coffee house adjoining the movie hall. He shook his head and popped up again to be sure.
Yes!! She indeed was there, with her pile of books, working with her pen, battling with some problem.
Was it a coincidence for her to be present here? She always went to the other cafe near the institute. So why here? “May be she knows I am here? But how? Or has she come to meet someone here?” While the earlier thought excited him the latter one burned him up.
He would not approach her now. He’d rather wait for some time and see if someone indeed comes. His mind was playing games of its own. It was not easy to stand there and keep staring at all the passer-by’s suspiciously. He took out his phone and started fidgeting with it.
He checked his messages, none from her.
He was about to message her about her wherabouts when he came across a notification. His friends had posted status update of watching this movie, tagging him along with others. And she had liked it.
“So she knows. She is here to meet me.”

Or was it too early to start hoping? He slowly marched towards her.
Her eyes were glued to a book, as she took a sip from the choco frappe.


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  • Aparna Mondal16/02/2019 at 9:19 AM

    It’s really getting interesting , I always wIt eagerly for the next part .. really nice story !

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