Its Love After All Part-4

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KrishRa is the author's pseudonym, and she prefers it like that. She wants her stories told and heard, she wants her stories to have an identity of their own as the author takes the back-stage.

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Well, Arpit proved to be a perfect husband, loving and caring but she always missed the spark in their marriage. Their interests were different. She was a little adventurous unlike him. She was an avid reader and he was not. She sometimes missed those discussions about the books she was reading, about the characters therein. Arpit never could understand the underlying passion she had but Megha had made peace with the fact. And now this Sagar Dutta shared his passions with her, sweeping her off her feet. He would write about his feelings and would in turn invite her opinion. How she would control her urge to not write back? And when one day his message didn’t come and she got super irritated. She knew she had to do something about it, about him. It turned a real cause of worry when she snapped at her kids for no reason at all. She had to put a full stop to her agony and his expectations. Yes, she would look for that suitable time when it would be safe to meet him. She did find that time soon. It happened so, that Arpit had to go for a business trip for 3 days and she chose one of these days to meet him, to officially end the love story that could never possibly start, that never really did start. That’s when she messaged him agreeing to meet him. He would not refuse; she was sure about it.

Now, driving her car, recalling her life in the last fifteen minutes, she did walk out of his life. He would understand her stand, her heart was never in doubt. But Why? Some answers go beyond justifications and reasons.

So did she do the right thing?
Now she was doubtful of her stand.
Life gives that one chance of meeting your true love, a soulmate and when she finally knew that feel, she shunned it right out of her life. She could feel the pain in her heart and her mind went numb for a moment. Was it the best decision?

But this moment of weakness was soon done away with, as she saw her two lifelines speeding their way towards her. She had to pick her kids from school and she was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t realise when she reached their school.

She did the right thing.

Sometimes, there are circumstances that go way beyond right and wrong. And this is how the chapter in their respective lives ended, for good.

Some 40 years passed!

“What happened? Are you unwell?” Arpit asked.
Megha looked at him. The once handsome face was now marred with wrinkles and grey hair. But that never did bother her at all. They had spent their life together and faced the ups and downs. Now with the kids settled, it seems life has come a full circle.
“Not unwell, just a little tired.” Megha replied.
“Then take some rest. Come lie down.” He said handing her the cup of green tea.

She took it, gulped it down in one go, closed her eyes, apparently to wane off the tiredness.
But that was not what was bothering her. It had been a week that she had been haunted by the images of someone, she had left behind a long time back. All these years she could never forget him, but this past week was turning out to be a torment as she would recall his messages and smile to herself. His smiling face and those intense eyes, would flash before her every now and then. Now he had even entered her dreams and she could see vividly, both of them sitting on the same table talking about right and wrong. And with such disturbing thoughts, she dozed off to sleep, again to be shaken by a tug at her hand.

Seemed like someone was keen to wake her up while she, after a long time, was experiencing a peaceful sleep. She ignored it first, but then again a tug and someone held her hands….
She was wide awake now.

He was sitting, holding her hands, signalling her to get up. A vision that bothered her at first but she felt unusual peace around her.
He again mouthed, “Get up. It’s time.”
And instinctively, putting all other worries behind, she responded.
She got up, feeling very light. Almost floating in the air.
And floating they were….
Confused, she looked back and saw her sleeping form, very peaceful and all smiles, lying lifeless below.

It seemed their time to go beyond all that right and wrong had finally arrived.
She clasped his hands, a gesture that made him look at her smilingly.
He pulled her closer and she in turn rested her head on his shoulders.
They both closed their eyes, feeling the moment, walking hand in hand.
Soon, they found a place to sit – a bench near a park.
They sat beside each other and he turned his head around to look at her.
There was so much to talk about, so much to share.
“I should have understood all this, when you again started chasing me, Sagar.” Megha said.
It felt nice to hear his name from her.
“Well, I had to come and take you along. Could not bear this separation anymore.” He replied earnestly.
“So….” her voice trailed off. Ohh! She had so much to ask and this hesitation…

It was as if he understood her silence.
“So…,” he continued. “As per social norms, I married. Tried to be the best husband and then the best father.” He paused here.
She was looking expectantly at him.
“A girl…. I had a daughter but did not name her Megha.”
And they both laughed.
Their laughter so carefree, so joyous, so vibrant. It let out such powerful vibes that for a moment the entire universe seemed to be shaken.
Then another cue and it started drizzling. Megha got up immediately to run for the nearest shelter.
But Sagar pulled her back and made her sit again.
“Let it be; it is the rain of love. The universe is also celebrating our union. Feel it and let it soak you to the core. Come, drench with me.”
And he took her in his embrace.
That was a union of its kind.
A union that the universe stood witness to.
Beyond here and then.


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