Its Love After All Part-2

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KrishRa is the author's pseudonym, and she prefers it like that. She wants her stories told and heard, she wants her stories to have an identity of their own as the author takes the back-stage.

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Fidgeting with his phone today, he smiled recalling the memory of his first love. And his strange love story! Well not exactly a love story, but tomorrow it would be. A strange love story. He chuckled at the thought.

Time was walking at snail’s pace. Well that is what he felt. And sleep evaded his eyes. He approached the attached terrace to his room. He looked at the moon and the stars near it.
Never before the moon appeared so ethereal and attractive. Just like her. Her soft features, rosy lips, smooth skin and black eyes that held oceans within it… yes those eyes… he knew he could look at them for an entire life without blinking his own.

He was so hypnotized by them. One look at them and he knew that it was she for whom he had waited an entire life. And tomorrow he was going to seal a lifelong commitment with them. But he had to pass this one night to reach tomorrow. But what if she refuses? This sudden thought tensed him up. “My love is real, my love is strong enough to cross all boundaries and fight all stereotypes.” He thought. She agreed to meet, a signal that things would soon take shape between them. This assurance was enough to relax him a bit. I have to keep my belief firm; then only I can make her understand. Another thought to cheer him up.

He looked at an almost full moon moving slowly in the vast expanse of the sky. The moon looked beautiful. He smiled as he felt the soothing vibrations making waves in his whole body. Uff! When will this night end? His mind again drifted back to the time when he came to know about her marital status, when he saw her for the first time few years back.

That day her marital status had shocked him to his core. It was like he went numb for a few days. But in this state also, all he could think about was her. And then after fighting this emotion for long, he made up his mind. She was meant to be his. They were meant to be together. He had felt it; she should feel it too. Picking up the phone once again, he dialled a detective agency, to gather all possible information about her.

Again a frustrating wait for a couple of days, she was there on his workstation, now as a file. A file about her. He had read it so many times, he remembers it verbatim now.

Megha Kapoor, well a little correction, it was Mrs Megha Kapoor. Megha. No wonder that he had started loving rain and drenching in it. She was after all his rain, of love.

Married some Mr. Arpit Kapoor, the owner of Kapoor Apparels some 6 years back, have two kids, an elder daughter aged 5 yrs, younger son aged 3 years. She is a typical homemaker, managing kids, and family. She is a quiet person. Hobbies are reading books and music and painting. According to this profile, she was 27 years old. So she got married at 21. Almost his age. The year she got married, he had joined his post graduation degree in hotel management and hospitality.

Well, technically he was also in the same business as her husband. Ok. Ok. It was his father who owned the business, while his heart had followed culinary dreams. So instead of having a simple MBA degree and later joining his father’s knitwear industry, he had studied Hotel Management and then went ahead to open a small cafeteria in the city. For the beginner, it was just a start-up. But the response was good, all thanks to the investment lent by his father and his contacts and references. His start-up had earned quite a name, considering it was just 2 years old.

After studying her file, he had once again thought of giving up on her. But then fate seemed to have other plans.

He spotted her once in wee hours of the morning. She was in the driver’s seat, while a man, supposedly her husband, guiding her way through the empty roads. From the set up he could only make out that she had been taking driving lessons from him. How he had overcome his desperation to be the one beside her and take the charge! He had a hard time fighting the urge not to follow her car, just to keep getting glimpses of her.

Another day, while searching the shelves of his favorite bookstore in the city, her face had peeped out from the other end, eyes delving deep into some book. Her interest in books had warmed him up right through his soul. Only a book lover can understand the other book obsessed. So when she had an almost animated conversation with the owner of the bookshop about a book, he had felt immense pleasure in listening to that conversation and also her sweet voice. He itched to have such conversations with her.

Whole hell had broken loose when she had entered his cafe on that fateful day. His world stopped for a moment. It would have been just the two of them if her friends would not have arrived the very next moment. She was hosting a get together for friends. It had been complete bliss to see her happily chatting away. He quickly checked the booking diary and found her name and contact number, gently caressing the page where it was written.
How could he miss it, when he personally noted all the bookings? He mentally chided himself.

He had to make everything special for her. So right from serving the welcome drink to the dessert, he had been there overseeing the arrangements, with his staff on their toes while he issued orders. If only she knew..

But his fate was keen to reward him. When she took a sip of the coffee and closed her eyes in pure ecstasy, it was joy to know that she liked his personal blend. Another reason for him to believe in the signs of destiny. He could never charge her for anything. So he waived off the bill. But she had determinedly argued with the manager to know the reason for waiver. When she saw him in the office, she quietly placed the money on his table and left.
Just like that.
No arguments.
Her reaction was confusing!

That day was the beginning of his official commitment to pursue her. So he dropped her a message. A single tick replaced by double and then blue coloured double ticks. So she had read the message but no reply. Well, he was not disappointed. He had dropped another message, then another, then another. All met the same fate. Blue tick marks and no response.
But his love was not to give up so easily. It was after a trail of messages that she had finally agreed today to meet him tomorrow.


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