Its Love After All Part-1

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KrishRa is the author's pseudonym, and she prefers it like that. She wants her stories told and heard, she wants her stories to have an identity of their own as the author takes the back-stage.

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(A few years back)

He walked out of the Gujrati emporium, signalling the driver to get the car. There was a slight drizzle. How he hated to get wet! The growing traffic jam and the honking irritated him. He ran towards the car before the showers could soak him up. And, THUD!!!!

He was almost a hundred steps far from his destination when he almost bumped into something…. er… someone…

All he remembers now was how he stood there mesmerised.

Her phone had fallen due to their accidental clash, and it was damaged. An iphone damaged! He could very well understand what it meant. He himself was a proud owner of the same brand. Next, he noticed that she bent to pick it up and started fidgeting with it. The display had suffered, severely. And it wouldn’t work now. And it was then she lifted up her head and looked at him.

That was it…
He looked into her almost teary eyes, accusing him.
“Can’t you see while walking? See what have you done? My phone is broken… now what?” She was speaking incessantly while he was dumbstruck.

On other days, he would have just shrugged and walked away or lashed out at the one speaking but there was something about her that almost sealed his lips.

“I…I…I… am sssoooorrry..,” he muttered struggling.

“Your sorry won’t help me anyway.” She angrily marched, opening the door of her car.

“Heyyy.. listen.. I can get that one fixed up.” He shouted but it was too late. She had left by then.

And the entire day those teary and scared eyes followed him wherever he went. And that day he realised that getting wet and all soaked up in rain is not that bad. In fact, it is amazing. He thought of something, picked up his phone and passed some instructions to his secretary. For the next few days, he kept searching for her on the city lanes. He visited the same market many times hoping to find her there, but all fruitless. And one fine day, he saw her standing in the same showroom in front of which the fateful clash had happened. He quickened his pace, not to miss her this time.

She was looking for some clothes, picking up one, having an eyeful at it, then discarding it. Again searching for some other thing. Somehow, he found these antics too cute that made him admire her more, from a distance. And then he approached her.

“Hello.” He muttered.
She turned around and looked at him.
“That day, it was my mistake. So I just wanted to fix the damage.” He spoke while keeping a brand new iphone before her. She was about to shut him up but he continued… “See, it’s not a show-off, but I couldn’t see you in tears.”

She was shocked, a reaction he had expected.

“Mamma, why is this uncle giving you a new phone?”
Now, it was his turn to get shocked…
‘Mamma’!!!! Yes, he had heard the same word.
As his eyes wandered towards the source of the sound, he found a four-five-year-old girl, clutching her legs and inquisitively looking at him.
“I don’t know sweetie. Maybe he is mistaken.” She replied.
Aree didi, its a gift for Mamma,” came another voice.
Again a shock as he tried to locate the voice this time. It was a small boy of around three years old.

She was married, the realization flashed through his mind. He never thought about it. She did not look like one. The ‘stereotypical married woman’ he meant…. oh!! What is he thinking about?

He looked at her again and for a brief moment, they had an eyelock. Both with the same emotion. Disappointment…

Why was she disappointed? Well, he was too shocked to think about it now? Later, he would surely ponder over it. Not now. He just left from there, dumbstruck.

Once again, her memories haunted him all day long and for a few more days to come. But as wise men say, love surpasses all reasons, is beyond all logic, and blocks rational thinking. He just could not delete her from his memory. Even with those kids, she looked adorable and he was sure to pursue her, come what may.


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