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Monika Vijay Verma, a mere writer from Muzaffarpur, who has done her graduation in chemical stream. She has been an avid reader since childhood which motivated her to focus her expressions and pen them down. She is a published writer and had been part of different anthologies, her first anthology being "Memoirs of Teenage" by Damick Publications. She was a contributing writer for a magazine titled "Indori Zayaka". From her anthologies, her aim is to provide social message and change the perception. Her recent anthologies are: Tales of Love- From a Valentine To a Valentine WO(MEN)- The untapped reservoir of strength, pride and talent For more details about her, you can visit these links: For her blogs, you can visit the links:

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Thousands of inspirational stories based on great personalities are heard throughout the world. But this particular story is a different one because in here, the inspiring citizen herself is stimulating the world to speak and take action, through their emotive stories.

Here are the words of a gorgeous, dynamic, motivated young village girl who introduced herself through an excerpt that encourages to believe in one’s own self, to have trust in their own capabilities and to have a humble yet rational belief in their own commands.

Myra, daughter of a retired navy man, has reasonable confidence in her own skills, which brought her to the position that she holds today. According to her, familiarity with different people from different regions is the finest way to gain knowledge on various facets of being.

She is immensely inspired by the fact that failure plays a key role to develop one’s strength. An individual develops his or her strength from the hardships and struggle he or she faces through the voyage of life.

Myra struggled and built her self confidence and strength throughout her 25 years of life. The young girl initiated her career as a teacher, immediately after completing her higher secondary education, with a strong determination to help her own self and her family.

Myra met with severe crisis in 2009 when her father had to take a voluntary retirement from his job due to an accident. The situation demanded an immediate monetary support for Myra. After knocking every door, she ended up with her first job after three months, on a meager salary of Rs. 5,500/- from which she paid for her studies, her father’s treatment, her travel expenses and other household demands.

While the opportunity had been quite big for the young girl, it was extremely tedious for a girl of 25. She attended her classes from 8:30 am till 12:30 pm and reported to her office by 1 pm. The schedule was demanding and tough. But it made her strong not only physically but also mentally. Myra skipped her lunch every day to save every penny she earned. Soon she was offered a better opportunity with a higher pay package in December 2009.

But life never seemed to look up. Instead it was on the fall, at every given corner of disappointment. This time though, the descent was steep enough to throw them out of their own house. They failed to repay their home loans.

The situation was starting to demand more and more. To overcome the challenge Myra took a job at a UK-based college in the day-hours along with the call centre job at night. She enjoyed her work to a great extent.

After settling the issues for two years, Myra pursued her vision of completing her post graduation in business administration. She completed her MBA, qualified for IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) and NET (National Eligibility Test) as well.
Every individual is blessed with remarkable talents and abilities to face challenges. It depends on the individual how he or she visualizes the problem. Myra truly believes in one of the ideas her mentor once shared with her :  there are some people who are good; others are not bad but ignorant.
She is inspiring people today to face every criticism and be proud of one’s own success. She feels optimistic about playing a critical role in the lives of her students. She always motivates people to read inspirational stories that will help boost their strength and will power.

Very vividly Myra says that a person spends most of his time with his own self, so one should make themselves the most encouraging, motivating and interesting. This is the best way to achieve all success by having trust in self.


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