Inkling of the Future

About Dr. Goutam Ghoshal

Dr. Goutam Ghosal, Professor of English, Visva-Bharati, is a leading interpreter of Sri Aurobindo from the Eastern India. Poet, critic, translator, Ghosal was the Chief Editor of The VB Quarterly from 2005 to 2007. His major books include Sri Aurobindo's Prose Style, Sri Aurobindo and World Literature, and The Rainbow Bridge: A Comparative Study of Tagore & Sri Aurobindo. Ghosal has published two anthologies of Poetry-- Magic Mirror and Other Poems and No High Romance Poems.

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Night fell in the hills,
patches of dense fog in the pass
blinding us on the bends
through and through,
more fearful than the rain
that had just stopped…
she leaned back against the seat
and prayed with her eyes closed…
how many times did it happen
in the past?
I tried to bring back the scenes…
she travels alone these days
to the great temple cities
built by the Kadamba kings…
I listen to the tales and stories,
tense though by her lone steps,
trying to stay awake at night…
she dreams of being alone
amidst the large white temples,
always alone,
“Did you find me by your side?”
“No, I was alone all the time…”
may be my post-death images
as a prescient shadow
in her dreams.


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