India’s true colours

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Ranya is a girl with imagination and a fair mix of logic, she wants to pursue her dream to be an astronomer and writes short stories as her hobbies. She wants a life that a person should remember and learn from. she believes in that life is a journey, not a destination.

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My country is as beautiful as can be,
But do not judge looks for looks are not what they seem,
Because under all the poverty that is showing,
There is courage, kindness, intelligence, and devotion beyond all knowing.

My country’s colours are orange, white, green and blue,
They fly above all that flew,
Like a spaceship going through the universe,
Full of mysteries and secrets which are diverse.

Read as much as you want,
But books will never explain,
The true lives of these people,
Because they are kept down in vain.

When the rain pours down,
You may see sometimes,
Their happiness and their joy,
Pouring out of their lives.

You do not need to take a test,
To tell if their heart is true,
They will just say
‘I’m proud to be Indian what about you?’

She’s ahead of her time,
In the colours of the past,
So give it time,
This is the one to last.


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  • JASKARAN SINGH09/02/2019 at 8:04 PM

    INDIA when explored by heart can be a situation of miles within abroad as it mixes up the cultural beauty along the gasping colours of infinite sky. GOD BLESS YOU!

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