In The Name of Islam

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“A news agency affiliated that 7 Islamic Militants attacked a posh café’ in Dhaka, Bangladesh and killed around nine Italians, seven Japanese, five Bangladeshi, one American and one Indian.” A girl reads aloud sitting on her red chair in a room with walls coloured faded blue.
“Are you reading about the Dhaka attack, my girl?” Asked her mother as she entered the room with a bowl of freshly prepared supper.
“Yes, and it angers me to realize that again these Muslims are behind these attacks. Why do they always kill innocents?”
The mother looked down at her daughter’s scorned face. “The Muslims do not kill anyone, my dear; they are known to be most devoted to their faith. It is the terrorists who do. They lack the sense of true meaning of God. Religion has nothing to do with it.”
The girl didn’t seem convinced. And the mother looked sad. “It was reported that one of the hostages during the siege was given a chance to escape the harm because he knew the verses of Quran. But he did not leave without his friends. This young lad who showed such courage in the face of death, was a Muslim himself.”
“But these terrorists are all Muslims right? How can you talk so nicely about this community and religion?” Asked the 17 years old.
The mother took a deep breath.
“The terrorists left their homes, their near and dear ones to practice cruelty. When they couldn’t belong to their own houses, how would they belong to any community? Or religion, for that matter?” She picked up the newspaper which the daughter had thrown on the ground in wrath. Her tender fingers ran over the images of the deceased.
“There has been so many attacks all over the world. The countries are mourning the death of their respective citizens and are blaming Islam. This creates a sense of abolishment. This Bangladesh incident might reclaim the boundaries between various religions but to some, it also implicates a great show of friendship, courage, strength and heroism. We all have a little animal inside us which is unflinching, knows how to fight its way to the top and scratches those who get ahead. For some that animal side become so dominant that they lose every kind of balance, eventually becoming the face of fear, hatred, cruelty. They can kill the living with pride because they are already dead within their souls. A corpse can’t practice a religion, child; its others who take him away to be buried or burnt.” The mother seemed to talk to herself.
She looked back at her daughter. “Do you know the name of the guy who refused to leave, leaving his friends to die?” She asked.
“Yes. Of course.” The daughter replied. “Faraaz Hossain. His name is featured everywhere.”
“Do you remember the names of the boys who attacked the café in Bangladesh?” The mother asked again.
The girl frowned. “No,” was her curt reply.
“That’s what is called immortality, my dear.” The mother assured. “He is the Muslim the world would never forget. But those who pick up weapons in the name of Islam, would never have a name. They are only terrorists.”
She paused to remove the cover of a bowl kept on the table. And smiled finally. “The world can wait for your little curious mind to comprehend all these better. But first you must eat the kheer I made for you. It is getting cold.”
Bending down the mother wrapped her arms around her daughter. “Eid Mubarak, beta”.


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2 Response Comments

  • Gova11/07/2016 at 4:27 PM

    Totally Sick Article,

    I do remember the name of Kasab- Ajmal Kasab
    Afzal guru, Tiger Memon, Daoud Ibrahim Kaaskar, Yakub Memon, Saeed hafiz…
    and thousands of people joining funeral of Afzal Guru, Yakub Memon and Latest Burhaan Wani.
    People joining terrorist’s Funeral with Pride, there is obviously everything is wrong with this community.
    Not just india everywhere you go, even 100% muslim country also its same this people just want to kill in name of religion.

  • RIS Mehta14/07/2016 at 6:40 AM

    In the end it all boils down to education both formal and informal. I consider religious education informal because most of us get it through our parents, elders and in some cases religious teachers. Unfortunately the only religion that has a formal process in place for training educated volunteers to become priests for furtherance of religious activity in their community are the Christians. Pandits, Maulvis, Granthis etc on the other hand are generally the poorest persons in the village who are informally given this job more out of economic charity for them (enable them to survive on meagre resources with their family). With no formal training on scriptures (as required for becoming a priest among Christians) the interpretation of religious books is left to such people who themselves are barely literate. the result of such an approach towards explaining the purpose of religion to its followers especially the more curious young people can only be highly parochial, skewed and at best divisive.

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