If Books Could Talk

About Arunima Mitra

Arunima is a 9th Grader ,studying in Hiranandani Foundation School ,Powai. She is an avid reader , professionally trained Bharatnatyam Dancer and has pursued her talent of singing at a tender age. She currently learns Rabindra Sangeet. She has an insatiable desire for writing and aspires to be an author soon.

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If books could talk and some could walk ,
What a fun sight it would be!
And some could dance wearing a sock,
That’s not all we would see..

All the sacred books would fight ,
Saying their religion was always right,
Claiming that they were the best,
Not stopping even for a rest.

Fitness books said gymming is nice,
And we should cut down on some rice.
One said yoga could make you slim,
One said everyone should learn to swim.

Fictional books came with a bang,
Harry Potter is the best ,they all sang.
Help! Help!The adventure books cried,
Hearing this people sighed.

If books could talk,
Our problems would have no end,
Our life would stop at one bend,
The reading habit will totally stop,
Our happiness will drop.


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