I Still Remember the Days…

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Akshay Peddiwar is pursuing a course in Journalism. He is busy nowadays in creating the space between a journalist and a writer. Oftenly a night crawler and a caffeine lover likes to keep his stories a bit swaggy rather than keeping it simple! Because simple things are not that trendy he feels.

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I still remember the days…..
When we used to get more than enough food in just 10 rupees….
And now even the internet data is far more expensive…..

I still remember the days…
When we used to play various sports on the grounds….
And now the grounds are just seen on the display of the phone….

I still remember the days….
When loving someone was a task in itself…
But we still managed to maintain that bond….
And now…your bonds are even created by some websites…

I still remember the days….
When we used to have a nice long dinner chat with the family…..
And now….the offline chats got replaced by the online one…..

I still remember the days….
Whenever India was into war with other countries….
The people used to get on the roads and show their support towards army
And now…..its all about the social media campaign which people run sitting in their room…..


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