I Shall Fly

S. Gokila Priya

Gokila Priya from Namakkal, Tamil Nadu is a student of Physics at Mahendra Arts and Science College. She is ambitious and driven and aspires to work at ISRO. Priya is proud of her father and is determined to fulfil all his desires one day.

We are a loving family of four from Namakkal in Tamil Nadu. My father, mother and sister.  Being the older of the two children, I am expected to take care of my family in the absence of my father. “Absence of my father” might mean a day or a longer period at a stretch. Truck drivers don’t have a predictable schedule. My sister and I miss him every day and even more when we see our friends’ fathers coming to pick them up from school. Generally parents pray for their children but at our home we pray for our father and for his safety, eagerly waiting for him to come back home.

And that is not all. I have cried so many times after hearing his experiences while driving on the road.

Two years ago, while driving through the remote areas of North India where the roads are uneven and ill-maintained, my father’s vehicle was hit by another.

Full story to be published into a book soon

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