I am there…..For You

About Nitya Kannan

Nitya Kannan is a homemaker and mother of 2 children. Her schooling and education was done in Mumbai. She resides in Chennai currently. She discovered her flair for writing when she started writing poems and enjoyed doing just that. Words, sentences and expressions have a therapeutic effect on her. Nitya has obtained a Diploma in Creative Writing from Symbiosis Distance Education, Pune.

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Your warm hands
are seeking my grip
A touch of familiarity
and strength is all they need
Sometimes they quiver
shiver and slightly shake
They never admit though
but need someone to hold
Probably for the years
have running on solo
they don’t trust and know
how much to let go
But the heart goes on searching
Hopeful and seeking
it sheds inside
some tears
Marathons are difficult to run, I know
with boots worn out
and legs almost broken
Shoulders stay aloof
carrying the burden of each moment
Only the finely etched hands
speak to me silently –
‘Look I need you
as my friend’
You are the lifeline here
someone to chat over hot cups of tea
on days passing slow
The cold nights too need
the warmth of words
and hands to hold
that bond with my grip


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