I am Like a Metaphor

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Colonel Narinder Singh Malhan was commissioned from Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun. On having served for almost four decades in Indian Army, he loves to share his experiences through his writings. In his opinion, every life has a lot to unfold. Each life is unique and is an historical document with its own identity. He strongly feels, real discovery is through introspection by looking back in own time. He believes, sharing own experiences are like revisiting life's milestones with more intensity. He thoroughly enjoyed his journey in uniform.

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If you look at me, I am just a cloth measuring six yards. They call me a ‘SAREE’. Indian women or others, who wear me, may think of paying gratitude to me for making them stand tall and unique, through my versatility. I have always stood robustly by women to make her look her beautiful and stunning at every turn of life. So now, it is the turn of the prettiest women on the earth to reciprocate the same, in equal measure.

I, discreetly, echo softly, that I played my role well to make a woman look pretty, charming, versatile and ever fresh. I have proved myself through secular credentials. I did not differentiate between body and age of the beholder, made everyone look sensuous and elegant. Don’t you think what I am saying sounds convincing? I have worked well on curves by revealing and covering the woman in right proportion. I am like a metaphor; like a free flowing poetry. See, what Kajol had said about me, is interesting – that everything is covered, yet a peep of an ankle can be a turn on for men. Probably, she may have discovered the sensuous appeal of a woman through strengths of mine.

Limiting me by the name of a garment, probably, will undermine my role. I have been giving face to Indian woman through my traditional richness. I am like a beautiful art, where, I make a woman an epitome of elegance and grace. A beautiful smile on the face of a woman enhances the beauty of mine manifold. When you wrap me, very discreetly, I complement the body. Probably, it is the reason why you call me the sexiest garment. My presence, like different languages across Indian states, creates versatility through variety. Through my fairly tale appeal, I give enough fodder to writers to write.

My chemistry with a woman or girl with full-throttle laugh will undeniably be the best, as I wish her to wear me. Her husky voice will be an added flavour to my beauty. I love that deep gravel of her throat. My charm will make anyone look like a pretty girl, I assure. I am confident to project her personality and beauty in abundance. Whatever, you think of yourself before you wear me, but once I am with you and in your life, you will look at yourself in the mirror of beauty, and you will hold yourself that way. It is my promise, as your beauty will be born in my heart, and the same will be reflected through your eyes.

You may think of thanking me, for what you have already and pursue through me. It is your time to unlock fullness of your life by paying gratitude to me; it will bring more sunshine to your life.



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