Humanity Always Wins

Priyanka Kajla

Priyanka Kajla, the daughter of truck driver Ram Kumar Kajla lives in Jhajjar, Haryana. She is currently pursuing M.Sc in Physics from VAKM (MDU), Bahadurgarh. After completion of her studies she would like to take up teaching job or work in the corporate sector in future.

Once when my father was travelling from Panipat to Delhi when he came across a road accident. My mother and I were very stressed due to the incident. We were told that my father was not involved in the accident, but he had eloped with a woman from where the accident had occurred! We were shocked. We were also told that it was the reason why he never came back home after the accident. After the accident, all the other people who were present at the spot had gone home, except my father. When our neighbours found out, they approached us and asked strange questions. We were treated with severe contempt and insult.

After few days when he came home he had a completely different story to share. He assured us that we had nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. He was not involved in any accident. The incident took place on the same day when our home was decorated for my birthday party. All the guests had come except my father. He told me that it was not an accident at all! It was a case of robbery and theft. When the time police arrived, necessary complaints had to be registered. My father had saved the life of a woman and helped her to reach home. It led to the rumours of him eloping with someone. All my family was happy when my father returned home safely. All misgivings were cleared and we were happy again.

I thanked almighty for his kindness and prayed that nothing similar should ever touch us again.

My father told us that when the robbery happened, he had to step forward. The lady was terribly scared; others in the bus were either injured or killed. There was no one willing to help her. ‘I had no idea what I could do to help her,’ my father said. Weather was bad and the roads were blocked due to the heavy rains.  The police arrived very late and opened the roads at around 1.30 p.m.

The experience was a great lesson for my father. He strongly felt that the accident occurred due to carelessness of some people.  Headlights are mandatory while driving. A driver should constantly check if accessories are working properly or not so that he doesn’t have to stop the truck midway on the road, which is how the robbers entered the bus that night.

The last but most important thing that one must never forget is humanity. That day my father didn’t lose his. Though it was his daughter’s birthday at his home, he chose to stand by a stranger.

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