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Bidisha Paul is an Analytics Professional based out of Bengaluru.An MBA from SCMHRD and a BE from Jadavpur University, Bidisha has been writing in various journals from very young days and has a blog too. A nomad by nature , an idealistic by principles and a perfectionist by thoughts, Bidisha loves travelling and hiking

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When I see the long path in front of me,
The same path trodden again and again,
How different does it feel to me!
Now that I will never walk on it again

When I see those small thatched houses,
And the big moon rising above them
How wary I used to be of peeping glances,
The windows and dim lights within them!

When I feel the earthy fragrance around me
The fragrance I got so used to,
How far I have traveled from that overwhelming spree!
And still there’s a destination I need to reach to!

When I feel the piercing cold,
In my arms, feet and  inner self,
What else remains to unfold?
Now that I have raged a war with myself

When I see the colors ahead of me,
And then the moistened grass, black and green,
How much do I urge to search for peace , may be,
May be go back in a time machine?

When I see in the future, bright and colorful,
Why does it appear so confusing…
When I lean back and look the past, so deceitful,
Perhaps known evils are still so falsely reassuring!

Yet I keep on walking down the new lane,
Its brightness blurring my eyes,
Trying to keep steady and sane,
Before arrival of the final goodbyes.


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