About Dharani A.

Dharani A. is the daughter of truck driver, Annadurai A. and Sellammal. She hails from Mulapalli Patti Village in Tamil Nadu. She is pursuing graduation from Loyola College of Arts And Science, Mettala, and aspires to be a professor.

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When the phone rang, the cat nearby shook off the ashes and ran out. Almost sobbing, she placed her child on the lap. The panic stricken voice said, “Hello!” Amutha asked, “Where are you”. From the opposite side the voice said, “We are calling from the bank. Do you need a credit card?” Then Amutha placed the receiver back on the stand.

Her husband had loaded the goods in his vehicle and left for his destination days ago. It has been more than three days from the time he said he is returning. There had been no communication from his end after that; neither did he return. She overlooked her child’s hunger. She forgot her own hunger and herself. That became the hearth for the cat.

Again the phone rang, Amutha came running with aspirations. This time the voice said, “It is me” and she was just like the chicks upon hearing the wings of the mother with their open mouths, who are unable to speak. “I am in Andhra. There are heavy rains and floods here. Hence I could not come on the due date,” said Anand.

Hearing Anand speak, Amutha offered her thanks to god and wept tears of joy. This person called Anand is the life and world of Amutha and her child. “I will tide over; don’t panic. See the child. Don’t think we will separate. Will come home soon.” He assured. Amutha smiled reassuring him back. She took over the child and kissed him. She reconciled herself and her son saying, he will certainly come back tomorrow.

The life of a driver is unstable. Thoughts of road accidents, murders, robbery, and natural calamities are the first things that come to mind whenever he is back in time. Industries function with transfer of goods. Factories light a lamp in the lives of several persons. The nation grows. Thinking how important a driver’s contribution is to the growth of the nation, Amutha fed milk to her child. Looking at the face of the satiated child, she felt as if he was asking “When will my father be back home?” She put the child in a cradle.

It was dawn. The door opened and she saw her husband in front. She ran and hugged him. Anand hugged his wife back. He picked up his child and kissed him. Once again the home is flooded, yes floods of joy.


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