High Price for Little Ignorance


Aarthi lives in Thavuthaikulam village of Tamil Nadu and is the daughter of the truck driver, N. Elavgovan, and E. Vanishri. Born in May 1999, this young girl is pursuing B.Sc Maths and aspires to be a teacher.

High-speed driving can lead to death. My father met with a serious accident due to the over-speeding of his vehicle. However, it was also the fault of the driver coming from opposite direction who was in a drunken state that led to this unfortunate accident.

I believe that the sad event mainly took place because the traffic rules were not followed and it left my father badly injured to an extent that he was unable to walk for a few months. My family suffered a lot in every aspect including time, money and energy and took a lot of time to recover from this happening. We had to undergo such a devastating experience only because simple traffic rules and regulations were not followed. I have seen my father struggling hard and driving in the heavy rains when the roads become extremely dangerous and risky. Once, under a similar circumstance, my father got so afraid that he started to shiver.

I rarely remember my father coming home in time. Due to his profession, he also misses out on many social gatherings, hence disappointing the hosts often. My father has been driving since he was 19-years-old and has been doing so for 20 years now. He still works with a lot of dedication. Once, my father forgot to take his blood-pressure medicines and all of a sudden, his health deteriorated. He was driving a bus during this time when his blood-pressure shot up and he lost control over his vehicle which bumped into a parked lorry. His left leg was injured during this accident. We have a low financial status and it cost our family a lot to bring him to a normal state. I learned that a small mistake can have a fatal consequence.

My father loads his vehicle daily and works all day and night. I get to meet him just once in a month. His health is badly affected, which largely makes it difficult for us to overcome our monetary problem and it also disturbs my education. However, my father works really hard for the sake of my education and also does overtime for my bright future.

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