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Ranya is a girl with imagination and a fair mix of logic, she wants to pursue her dream to be an astronomer and writes short stories as her hobbies. She wants a life that a person should remember and learn from. she believes in that life is a journey, not a destination.

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Mark’s Point of View:

It was midnight. The only sound that came was from my shoes splashing in the puddles, and my phone ringing. I had no time to check who it was, this was the only time it could happen in 7 years. I made sure I had the doll, yes it was there.

I reached the entrance of FLHS, my high school. I had let myself check the phone in my pocket which had gone off for the 6th time. It was my friend, Alex. he was asking if I still wanted to do it. Of course, I did! I said so as I went into the school. There I saw the entrance of the east wing of my school. There were lots of signs that said ‘DO NOT ENTER.’ I didn’t mind the signs and entered, it was dead silent, I could hear my heart beating, I stopped when I saw a large oak door that leads to the library. I looked around in the library, I couldn’t find anything, or anyone. I was just about to drop a text asking where he was and he jumped out of nowhere! I jumped in horror as he laughed and mocked me.

We came to a large circular diagram he drew on the marble floor, it had all sorts ancient drawings and symbols on it. I took the doll from my bag and placed it in the middle of the circle. I looked out of the window and saw the most beautiful full moon. It gave a strange white-blue glow, almost enchanting. When I looked back to the circle, I saw that the doll’s eyes had that glow as well, I turned to my friend for an explanation, but to my surprise I saw no one. I got up in horror and screamed his name, I got no reply except my echo through the hallway. I heard a soft, but piercing scream that said, ‘Take the kid.’ The doll’s eyes grew even brighter, when it said ‘Of course master,’ and grew bigger, a lot bigger.

I turned and ran to the closest door. Unfortunately I ran to the restricted section, which was always locked. It had the same message written as always, ‘only the worthy can pass.’ I had no option, I remembered what happened to other people when they thought that they can pass the door without something bad happening to them.

I turned the gold door knob and it emitted a white blue glow. By this time I was done with that colour. I sighed and went in, not knowing what to expect, there I saw a lot of heads covered in a red, sticky substance. There were a lot of death traps, and even more dolls. I couldn’t walk another step forward, I could feel my soul leaving my body. This was too much. I turned to leave and my face felt as cold as ice. There, in front of me I saw the doll about five times bigger than me. It’s pupils glowing so bright, they looked like the sun. The doll had blocked the whole exit, I had no way out.

I decided to quickly throw something at it, then reconsidered. That is a bad option. By that time the doll had a sword in its hand, I guessed I’d have to fight it. I took the closest thing to me, a long piece of cloth, but what would that do? I thought quick smart, I knew that most dolls were made of plastic and plastic melts with fire. Cloth is flammable. I had a lighter in my bag! But I had no way to get to it, I went into thoughts again. By that time, the doll had made a circular flame around me, the same colour as her eyes. Well that just made things a bit easier. I wrapped the cloth so it had a little bit out and I could use it as a lasso. While I was doing that the doll was gathering different things on the floor to create a weapon? I continued and by the time I was done and I looked at the doll. It had an armour around it .I couldn’t believe it!

It seemed like it could read my mind, I had to find another way out. I couldn’t live like this, losing to a doll? Well, at least an invincible doll. I was wondering how I’m going to die. It had given me no way out.

But wait, I was confused. Did it want me to leave? It even had its hand pointing out, I dropped the lasso. I followed out confused. It then pointed to the circle that Alex drew and said, ‘Stand in the middle.’ I saw that it started to grow smaller, it shrunk till it came to about my height. It took something out of its purse, it looked like a shiny liquid. It said, ‘Drink it.’ I didn’t know what else I could do, so I drank it and I really felt like I was going to faint. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the window opening. I couldn’t see where the moon went, somehow it disappeared. And then something caught my attention. I turned to the source of the light. It came from me! Everything started to turn white, the last thing I saw was the dolls’ eyes and they were cracking.

I woke up with my head feeling like it was going to explode. I got up on my already aching feet, and looked around. It all came back to me, the blue light the doll, the fight, everything. I got up and looked around. I felt like I had become shorter I looked up and saw…Alex? I didn’t understand, he looked at me and gave me a mirror, I was the doll! He took the same bottle that I drank from but it was filled with some mysterious substance. He turned away and started walking to the exit. Right before he left, he said, ‘You will need it. I guess you can’t trust anyone, just tell them that it was unintentional…’

Alex’s Point of View:

I walked across from one side to another. What was taking him so long? He is the type of person who would come early to any event. About a thousand questions were going across my head.

I heard a noise and instantly thought it was him, Mark. After all, who would be outside a school library in the middle of the night? No-one! I decided quick-smart to hide behind a column and scare him. He entered the room but, something was different. His backpack was…glowing? I couldn’t help but stare at it. It completely slipped my mind that I was hiding behind a column and Mark was waiting for me. So I decided to pounce. The look on his face was priceless, he looked like he just saw a ghost.

After I calmed down, I showed him the design I made, it was full of ancient letters and symbols, all in one big circle. If you did it right, it would give powers. Without saying a word, Mark took the doll out of the bag and placed it dead-center of the design. There was that glow again, I looked at Mark for an explanation but he was too immersed with the moon’s blue-white glow.

I saw the doll come to life and face the moon. I was too much in shock to even move. I tried to and shockingly, I couldn’t move! I was stuck. After the spell stopped I was able to stand up again, the doll shrunk to about my height and then took something out of its purse, a white-blue substance. It said ‘drink it.’ I mindlessly obeyed. Everything started to become brighter.

When I woke up, all I saw was the back of a human who seemed to be wearing a black cloak. The last words that it said was, ‘Take the kid.’ I felt myself moving without wanting to, I tried my best to fight back but failed, then suddenly everything became black.

I woke up and felt an immense pain in my head, I saw a time-lapse of everything that had happened. I looked down and saw that I was the doll now. My mind felt numb and the only thing that I was able to do was take the liquid that the doll gave me and say ‘drink it.’ Right before I was about to exit, I walked to the door. I looked back and choked out, ‘I guess you can’t trust anyone…’


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