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A teacher by profession but a voracious reader and a writer , aspires to create a word of words .

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“Rahul, I hate you”.

The teenage girl sitting opposite to me screamed out loud without any apparent provocation. The girl along with her friends was returning from their tuition. I wanted to look at her but could not muster the courage. Her heavy accent and cheap perfume had already made me dizzy. The other girl beside her in white skirt protested against her loud behaviour and reprimanded her for airing her heartfelt utterance in public transport.

Hey, do I hate anybody?

I wonder in silence. At present, I am developing a hatred against someone whom I suspect, stabbed me at the back. Should I also yell my hatred out like the poor uncouth brass girl?

No, I cannot. We are prisoners of decency and in our world. Manipulation is allowed but not the confrontationist approach. It will only make our vulnerability come out. Definitely, not advisable!

But then, why not try it out. At least once, just to feel free? To open the heart and let go of the secret pain?

I got off at my stop. It was desolate there. I looked around and screamed out loud.

“I hate you ……”

A stray dog woke up from meditation and barked ,”What kind of lunatic is this!”


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