Happy Valentine’s Day

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Born and brought up in Mumbai, Kavita Iyer has a closely knit family and friends. Her passion for writing poems started from college days and they used to get published in college magazines. This motivated her to write more during free time. She loves Urdu shayaris and have also attempted to compose a few. Apart from poems and shayaris Kavita is inclined towards writing short stories, motivational essays that bring some positive vibrance to routine life.

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A chilly wintry morning it was, and also Monday, the start of the week. Most of them were in their Monday Blues. This was the scene in a firm in Bengaluru where these 3 besties, Kavya, Saakshi and Naina were sipping their hot cuppa in the office pantry during their tea-time break.

Kavya seemed to be in a deep thought since yesterday. Her friends kept on mocking her, “Hey, what’s up? What are you thinking so much?”
“Valentine’s day is tomorrow; I am thinking of taking a day off so that I can spend some time with my Valentine. I hope the boss sanctions my leave amidst this workload!” Kavya said.

Eyebrows raised, eyes rounded, her friends pounced on her. “Whattt, you never ever told us you are in love. Who’s the lucky guy?“ Her friends were curious to know.

Kavya smiled. “It is not a guy.”

“Oh please, c’mon baby! Now don’t tell us you are a lesbian”, the friends giggled aloud.
Kavya went on. “You both know about this affair. It has been love at first sight. The moment I opened my eyes and saw her I knew she was mine and I was hers.”

With bated breath, her friends settled themselves in their seats to hear her story; their eyes and ears wide open.
Kavya continued. “She is the one who has always loved me without asking something in return. She’s always there for me whenever I need her. She never says, I’m busy. She hugs me tight even when I’m all messed up. A simple hug from her relieves me of all my burden and I carry along. She knows what’s going on in my mind. I never have to tell her, she knows it all. Whatever I’m today or hope to be tomorrow, is only because of her.”

She paused to take a deep breath.

“Today she’s alone and approaching the fag end of her book called Life. She has led her journey first with all of us together, holding our hands, teaching us to walk, talk.  Now at this juncture, she’s there standing alone waiting for that one call from her beloved, who left her mid-way in the journey promising to unite again someday somewhere. She’s my mother, dearies”, Kavya said with her eyes wet.

By this time her friends’ eyes too had welled up. They hugged her tight, weeping inconsolably.

“Kavya, you are right. We were insane to laugh at you. Valentines need not necessarily be a Girlfriend or a Boyfriend.  A Valentine is someone whom you love and who loves you back without expecting anything in return. Who could it be other than our selfless parents, who have strived for us in their major part of their lives, still don’t expect anything from us?” They said.

Kavya sighed. “They do expect, they expect a little TIME from us. Those few moments we spend with them, which they will cherish forever and I’m taking a day off tomorrow to gift her my Time on this Valentine Day. The most precious thing you can give to your loved ones is your Time, isn’t it?”

The three besties once again hugged each other in agreement and proceeded to their workplace. Kavya’s boss sanctioned her leave too and her besties went to the airport in the evening to see her off. Happily, Kavya was heading to Mumbai to meet her Valentine.
“HAPPY VALENTINES DAY,” they greeted each other with huge smile on their faces!


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