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Analyst by Profession,Artist by heart, love dancing (Odishi),singing, craftwork,interest in painting though I don’t sketch or paint much but can understand the insight of artist mind, Traveller and an from Odisha ,but now staying in Florida,love reading stories and for me writing is the form of expressing your innermost thoughts.

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###Tuesdays### always comes with happiness in states.
Starting from movies, loads of surprises from mobile network, wild wings offers and so on.
Tuesdays are special for Maggie too as that’s the day she keeps on waiting for the clock to tick 8:20 in the evening.

How much ever the worst day it is, she would be always boosting herself up saying, hey it’s Tuesday, a day when she will meet the ‘him’ – the person who she admires till the last breathe of her life. Whatever be the situation, he would always make it for her and she knows that’s the best part of the day.

That Tuesday evening also, after a hectic day from office Maggie made sure she will cook the best cuisine she can cook with all her heart and soul .She cooked the food he loves to eat, with all her love. He always refuses to eat though, but she cooks all the time with the affection she felt for him.

Her boxes would be ready by 8 so that she can pack them by 8:15 PM….she never gets tired of the hectic work through the day because she knows she can keep on chirping with him with all her heart without any restrictions. His eyes can’t be explained in words but in simple language, it’s full of care and love. That makes her lose all signs of tiredness. A smile on his face, their cute talks on random things and no filter action on any topic for any opinion.

Everything changes with time, someone said. But she never accepted that. Everything was pure from her end to keep the moment alive. She was waiting for the clock to tick 8:20 and when he called, she eagerly asked, “Hey you got late today?”
“No it’s just 8:20!” he calmly answered.
Maggie said cheerfully, “How is your day?”
“Hmm it was okay.” He seemed distant.
Maggie’s “I just saw your work, fabulous as always” again met with a cold “Thanks”.
“What do you wanna drink, tea or coffee?” Maggie still asked.
“Whatever is easy or can be done fast.” He never wanted to trouble her.
“Let’s have tea then. Where are you? It’s so late. Come soon.”
Maggie heard him say, “On my way, did you see the full moon?”
“No, I am waiting for you.” She was so much in love with him.
These are just normal talks for people who read it and later for people who remembers it but for her it’s her life’s most beautiful time. She lived for these moments.

Suddenly the sound of door banged. As she got up, the nurse was ready with IV for chemo and she realized! So funny that some promises just changed with time when he once just called to tell her, “Let’s not talk or chat anymore!” He found his companion and yes that’s the truth of life.

But she loved him so much that she stopped herself from opening up with her thoughts ever again to anyone. She still smiled with eyes full of her heart-felt emotion, checking his innocent face.

“Ah! Was living my best moments of life within the blink of my eyes.”

Her eagerness for him will die with her, how much ever the time changes.
Some moments keep on living for years in rows become a part of your life. Any change in that takes time to have you get along with yourself.

But it’s the truth —Tuesdays are always Happy Tuesday!


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