Happily Got Salvation

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Pratiksha Mishra is an young writer with a lots of different ideas. She is fond of writing short stories. After all, quality of content is more important than the quantity. She writes her observations of the world around her, through her stories.

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“You can buy everything but not true family and love ones.” These were her words when she left the press.

I am Rahul and work for India’s largest press where biographies and autobiographies are being written and published. And those words came from the woman billionaire of India, Ms. Avni Maheshwari. She has married twice; still she didn’t feel emotionally settled. She is 70 now and I can clearly see guilt in her eyes.

I am very excited to read her autobiography. I even have her permission to do so. Right from my childhood I wanted to know about her real life. She has always been in the center of controversies, some real and others cooked, but still.

I started reading about those childhood memories of her, the strange relationship she has had with money! Yes, with money! She was always been taught that money can buy all happiness of the world. Her father was one the richest merchants of India and her mother too belonged to a very rich family. They were always in limelight, busy in their own glamourous worlds. So they were not able to give her much time. Most of the times she lived alone. She was mostly brought up by her Nanny who used to teach her many lessons of life. But she never took those lessons seriously.

The influence of money on her was more dominating than any other influence, which took her to success but not to happiness!

As she grew up and her parents grew older, they started feeling the importance of family. They tried to reconcile but by now she had already entered the same vicious trap of chasing money, like her parents once did. Her fame took her further away from her parents.

She met her parents of and on. They tried to share their learning with her but she took it lightly. She was 27 when she married a rich industrialist of India. He wanted her to stop working. He demanded his wife to live life on his terms. Obviously she wasn’t the one to be caged like a trapped bird. In 2 years, they divorced.

Next she married an American at the age of 35, only to realize that they had no mental compatibility. A divorce again, not before they were parents to two kids who now lives with their father.

As she got older, most of her near and dear ones were no more and her money was increasing. At 70 now, she is alone…unhappy…and more than that…she is guilty and dissatisfied.

Now that her book is out, I wonder, where are her children? I wish I could meet them and tell them about their mom’s guilt. “Why can’t I help her?” I ask myself.

Tomorrow morning I have decided to go and meet her.

I find her sitting alone in the garden. I walk up to her and sit near her feet. She is very happy to see me. I asked her about many more incidents of her life which she has not described in her autobiography. She tells me all, unbarred. Finally she tells me about her kids, she confesses how desperate she is to apologize to them. I tell her that I will definitely help her.

Somehow I arrange the number of her son. I tell him about his mom. He too has been waiting to know about her!

The very next day I land at her doorstep. I make her talk to her kids. She cries; she says “sorry”. They are happy to forgive her. Her children has lived away from public focus all their lives. They have always lived a simple, common life. Such people can forgive easily.

I left her on a happy note, as she finally seemed settled! The next morning brought with it the news of her death. It was a natural death. She dies in her sleep, neither with disease nor because of tension. She left perhaps because she had fulfilled her purpose. I thought, maybe I had gifted her salvation.


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