Golden Days of Mine

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Amaresh Nath is a counselling psychologist by profession. Currently he is on a sabbatical to pursue M. Phil and PhD. Apart from academics and career, he is also a man of various passion which includes writing (both prose and poetry), psychology, food, sketching, photography, philosophy, humor, science-fiction (movies, books, graphic novels), and gadgets.

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With a tear in my eyes, I think about those days
Glorious they truly were
With no worry in my mind, and a smile on my face
I used to live those days of mine
Hopes and ambitions raging in my mind
A youngster I truly was
No fear of any sort, no tension of any kind
Used to bother me during those days of mine
With a guitar in my hand and a cigar in my mouth
Without hesitation I used to sing and shout
Pluckin’ and strummin’ the strings of the guitar
I used to sing out loud
No matter how bad or croaky it sounded
It was nothing to fuss about
After the guitar, it was a girl, with whom I fell in love
From a friend, a weapon of serenade it had become
But not a single tear was shed
It went for a long time, but one day over a cup of coffee
She said it had gone for long enough, and decided to break free
I was such a man, I didn’t shed a tear
Instead what I did, was catch another girl
Such were those days, when I was young
But now they are a long past
The cigar’s still there, but the guitar’s become a stick
As my voice and bones have gone extremely weak
There is a tear in my eye, and also a smile on my face
When I think of those golden days of mine!!


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