Gold and Mr. Shark

About Prisha and Aarav Roy

Prisha Roy is a Grade 3 student at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She enjoys reading story books, writing stories, and engaging in art and craft activities. Aarav Roy is a Grade 2 student at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He enjoys playing and participating in sports, and engaging in art and craft activities.

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Once upon a time there was a fish named Gold. She lived in an ocean and had a neighbor called Mr. Shark. Mr. Shark always wanted to eat her. He tried many plans but failed every time. Mr. Shark had a brilliant idea. He thought, “When it is night, Gold will be sleeping, I will eat her then.”

Actually, Gold was made of gold. As gold is hard, Mr. Shark couldn’t eat her. His teeth broke and he swam away.

While he was going, the ocean fairy appeared and cursed Mr. Shark to be a donkey.

Mr. Shark pleaded them to change him into a shark again. But, Gold and Ocean fairy didn’t listen. They wanted to teach him a lesson. Gold said, “You have to stay like a donkey on land for five years. Only then you will be freed from the curse.”

After five years were over, Mr. Shark was in water. He started making plans again. The plan was to trap Gold in the middle of the ocean because humans set their nets to catch fish. Mr. Shark said to Gold, “I will take you to the middle of the ocean where there are beautiful corals”. Gold, being the queen of the ocean, already knew the plan. She said, “Yes”.

Mr. Shark with a sly smile, took her to the middle. Gold didn’t get caught. Instead, Mr. Shark got caught. He somehow escaped and went back home. He didn’t even say sorry to Gold. She was furious. She turned him to a frog this time. He was jumping like a frog but in the water. He now swam like a frog. Everyone in the ocean was laughing at him. He started crying loudly.

By mistake, he said, “I want to turn into an ant again. I want to swim in water.” Now Gold laughed and said, “May you turn into a swimming ant”. Gold kept on changing his form. After that she changed him into a panda, a monkey, a pig, a cat, and a dog. Mr. Shark’s grief grew so much that he died. Gold lived happily ever after. She was immortal.


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