Four Lives in Different Worlds and Whatsapp

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Arup Majumdar is an alumni of IIT Kanpur and IIM Ahmedabad. He started his career with Carrier in Malaysia/India and with increased responsibility, rose as the Head of manufacturing and engineering at Carrier Transicold. At Hong Kong he handled strategic growth for Emerson in APAC. At France, he turned Danfoss to profitability. He has worked with a global consulting firm to drive both growth and profit for Whirlpool in Asia. He has hired and mentored students from leading colleges.

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Laddu Singh in Philippines, Sally in Hong Kong, Chiku in New York and yours truly in the sky.

7:00 AM boarding announcement at Incheon airport, Seoul – Cathay Pacific fight is ready to depart to Hong Kong.  Phew, another long business day/overnight for a salesman is over.  Now is the time to relax, sit back and enjoy a drink on the flight.  The life of a modern salesman is complex.

While I look out of the window of a beautiful aircraft, memories flash past me.  The meeting in Korea I just concluded, ended in an alcohol fuelled dinner, whose hangover I still carried as I bumped across several seats before finally plopping myself on the right seat. The familiar faces of the flight attendants who are the regulars on this sector carried a look of “the neighbourhood flight drunkard is back again after his business deal”.  Much as they adored me, I could sense their fright wondering whether I will get to sleep or order drinks to get me to sleep.

6:30 AM – Iloilo, an island in the Philippines.  “Wake up, wake up Laddu, it is time to get ready for school”.  Grandma is pushing the 5 year old Laddu to get up, while he is tossing and turning and thinking of excuses to sleep more and later get to school.  Finally, the domestic hens make such a ruckus that Laddu wakes up in frustration and rushes to the field to finish his ablution.  The “extraordinary contributor” is finally ready to go to school.

6:00 AM – Hong Kong – Sally is preparing dosa and all the south Indian food which her Sir likes while the madam of the house is still sleeping.  By the time, the sun is up, everything is spick, span and ready to go in the house.

11:00 AM – Cathay Pacific flight CX417 lands in Hong Kong.  Thankfully the hangover is handed over to another party.  Our salesman walks briskly towards immigration, clears his formalities and rushes to the airport express train to take him home.

7::00 PM New York – Chiku returns to his dorm, opens his computer and starts getting ready for his classes next day as well as attending all the boring speeches from Wall Street white shirt dudes.

8:00PM India time – the whole bunch ends up chatting.  Isn’t this amazing – how a family spends their time.  Living in different countries, different times, and different priorities.  Only one technology keeps them close – WHATSAPP.


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