Prologue : A powerful and wealthy knight was living a luxurious life in his fabulous castle. Being an owner of ...
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The Blue-bearded Knight

A hen and a rooster accompanied each other while hunting for nuts in the Nut-mountain. One day when they were ...
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As Dead as Dodo

Millet-thief 1024px-Gruppo_del_Sella
Prologue A rich merchant lived in a lavish mansion in a city. His palatial home was surrounded by a large ...
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death the godfather
Prologue Claus was a poor man. As a matter of fact, God gifted him abundance, but that became a concern ...
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Death – The Godfather

enchanted princess
Prologue : A poor craftsman had two sons – the good one was Hans and the bad one Helmerich. As ...
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Liberating the Enchanted Princ

walnut twig
Wonders of the Nut-twig Prologue He was a rich merchant. He had to travel to distant lands for business. Once ...
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Wonders of the Nut-twig

This is a story of two siblings – a boy named Hans and his sister Margaret. Their parents passed away ...
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The Magic Carriage

Synopsis It was a small village. In the farthest corner of the village, a very poor old couple lived all ...
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The Artful Thief

A widow mother had two daughters. One was her own daughter and another, step-daughter. Both were named Maria. Her own ...
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Marias and the Wild Man of Thu

Once our beloved Lord, the saviour was travelling from one city to another preaching the gospel and performing many signs ...
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The Swabian ate the Liver

Märchen are stories evolved in German speaking regions in Europe, i.e. those parts of the land we call Germany, Austria, ...
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Folk Tales From Germany

There was a vicious sorcerer. He stole two adorable children – one boy and one girl, long back. He used ...
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The Old Sorcerer was Outwitted