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Mudiyala Sirisha

Born in February 1997, Mudiyala Sirisha hails from Suryapet, Telangana. Born to truck driver, Shri. Mudiyala Nagireddy and Smt. Mudiyala Laxmi, she is studying in Final Year B. Tech. Sirisha wants to become a software engineer, construct a house for her parents and make her parents happy because they have sacrificed so much for her and her brother’s education.

Nowadays, when a person goes out, we cannot be sure he will return home safely because of the danger of road accidents. Most of the road accidents are due to drunken driving and not concentrating on the road while driving and overspeeding.

My father has faced many accidents in the past when he was driving a car. Once, four years ago, he was going to Hyderabad and witnessed one car hitting a bike. The two people on that bike were brothers going for a family function; they both died instantaneously. Another incident happened two years ago, when my father was coming home in the college bus that he drives. At one turning, a lorry hit a bike, and the two riders were seriously injured. My father phoned for an ambulance but before that, a car came and took them both to hospital.

Last month due to heavy rain in the evening, we had to wait for an hour for the rain to subside. There was a lot of traffic and I was worried because there was a lot of thunder and lightning. All the other people in the college bus were also concerned but my father took everyone safely to their homes. Once, when my father was driving a car at midnight, he found himself being overcome by sleep. So, he stopped the car and slept for an hour. Then, he continued on the journey so as to not inconvenience the passengers.

When my father was a car driver, if  he didn’t come home for a few days, my mom, me and my brother would be quite anxious despite talking to him on the phone. We would wait eagerly for him to return home. Sometimes, people scold my father without any reasons or for some silly reasons when he is driving. When my father told this to me, I felt angry at those people. I learnt a lot from my father. He has taught me how to behave with others. He always says that even though we drive correctly, others who don’t do so may cause accidents, so we have to see and observe everything when we drive.

I feel it is everyone’s responsibility to prevent accidents. Wearing a helmet while riding a bike and wearing seat belt in the car are basic measures we must adopt to avoid accidents.

In my opinion, most accidents are due to overspeeding and drunken driving. By controlling these, we can reduce the number of accidents. In future, when I travel to my workplace by a vehicle, I will drive carefully and motivate other people to do so, too. I will also provide help to those who meet with an accident. Right now, although I want to help, my financial condition is not so good. But, in the future, when I’m earning, I will surely help others.

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