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Tina Lawrence, 23, is from Malaysia. She’s a Capricorn, currently a final year medical student. She is a public speaker and aspires to become a writer someday. She is also a member of Toastmasters International.

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I first saw him when I was 6. Is that too young to fall in love?

At that time, I didn’t know what it was called. Whenever and whomsoever it is, your first love gets etched into your memory forever. First love gives us our first deep emotional connection that we haven’t felt before. The same goes with me. I did not utter a single word, we did not meet in person, we were two different people with at least a gap of 20 years between our birth dates, living in two different countries but still I can’t get him out of my mind. Till date, he has been one of my major celebrity crushes in the Indian film industry.

We all have our favorite actors – from the captivating eyes of Surya’s to Aarya’s charm. But, mine was and still is, Madhavan.

I can be sure of two things. Yes two things. I bet I wasn’t the only who fell in love when I was barely 6. Number two, together with me, there were thousands of thousands young girls who were also head over heels in love with him. Who can refuse a smile that is worth melting for?

I was struck in love first sight when I saw him on screen riding his motorcycle with his headphones and cool sunglasses on a busy street, thanks to the song in the background, it made my heart flutter even faster. He spells madness. The moment he proposed to Shakthi in the movie Alaiyuthey, tell me who didn’t smile to themselves after listening to what he said?

Karthik : Naan Unna Virumbala.. Unmaela Aasapadala.. Nee Azhagaa irukka nu Nenaikkala.. Aanaa idhellaam Nadandhurumo nu Bayamaa irukku.. Yosichu Sollu!

This reminds me of the video of his female fans screaming at the hotel lobby in Toronto when he said the most famous dialogue taken from the movie when Karthik (Madhavan) gets to see Shakthi (Shalini) in a train journey. Love at first sight happens and here comes an immediate proposal by the hero.

Not forgetting when the song Sakhiyae was played and I was mesmerized with not only the soothing song by A.R Rahman but also how the heroine was beautifully shown paired with this young lad in the movie. When I was younger, I often played the song on repeat and start imitating the dance movements using different shawls in my bedroom.

For me, he has not only played the role but he has lived it. He is definitely one of the TDHs (tall, dark and handsome) actors who are expressive in nature. I have always wished that he was still single at that time. I have always wanted to meet him in person. I have been to India many, many countless times, occasionally I would bump into a few actors but my luck was not gifted enough to meet him.

As for a person like me, I love to fantasize about a lot of things, almost everything. In life, I believe you have to take your chances be it in reality or in your dreams. I too yearn to be a little flabbergasted, having butterflies in my stomach if I would have a chance to meet my sweet heartthrob, R. Madhvan. I have always loved acting, not only as a small kid, but I loved memorizing dialogues and performing it in front of the mirror, and of course now that there’s Dubsmash, you can be anyone you want to be!

Just like the rest, I too have a huge collection of dubsmash videos. It was taken from the same movie, the railway station scene.

Shakthi : Athu enna namma kulle appadi oru kadhal? Paarthom, pesunom, konjum sutthune, thorathane, sirike vecche.

If there is something memorable shared between me and Madhavan till now, I would have to be grateful to Twitter. I was amongst the many fans whom Madhavan chose to reply. Watching his movies on screen never bore me, be it the supernatural Yaavarum Nalam or the formulaic Irudhi Suttru. I will always have Meeting Maddy in the top 10 things to do in my unique bucket list! Have a blessed birthday this year, Madhavan.


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