Fathers Labour Their Love

Naina Satish Yadav

Naina Satish Yadav, daughter of the truck driver Mr. Satish Mahavir Prasad Yadav and Mrs. Gangotri Yadav, hails from Chandrapur, Maharashtra. She is in the second year of graduation and wants to be a Police Officer.

My father has been driving a tanker for the past twenty-five years.  He is a good driver. He doesn’t share his difficulties with others. He is always concerned about his tanker.

We are four in our family – my parents, my sister and I. My father stays out most of the times because he drives his tanker to distant villages. When he is away, we are very concerned as to how he is! We crave for him. We feel sad that we can’t talk to him and spend time with him whenever we wish to. But, we cannot do anything about it.  We have to be without him. We understand that he pines for home more than we long for his togetherness. He comes home for only two-three days in a month and these days are like real life for us.

A father is one who takes troubles in order to give good education to his children. Good education means a lot of money. Father bears every pain and faces all the problems because he wants to ensure that his children should lead a better life than him. A father is one who cries from his heart upon separation from his daughter. He prays and bows in front of the in-laws of his daughter to take care of her, crushing his self-respect. A mother shows her love but a father labours his love.

When he is sad, he does not cry like mother. He controls his tears and conceals his worries because he knows that seeing him in that state would be heart-breaking for his children. When father is out driving, we are very restless.  At times, he does not even call up.  We are very scared. My father is a very straight forward person. Without my father there is nothing. When someone asks us about our father’s occupation, we say with pride that he is a driver and drives vehicles. If he goes on a vacation, the whole nation will have to go on vacation.  He handles all our difficulties.

We don’t have a brother. But, we have never felt the absence of a brother. Father has never allowed us to feel any deficiency.  He gets us whatever we want. We are proud of both our parents. They have made us what we are. We are proud of our father’s hard work. We wish that everyone’s parents be the same like ours.

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