Father is Happiness

Chanchal Choudhary

Chanchal Choudhary is the daughter of truck driver Mr. Bupa Singh and Mrs. Santoshi Devi. She hails from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. Chanchal is in the second year of graduation. She wants to be a teacher.

You may get everything you need at the nearby market. Those things are brought there by a truck. We don’t realize this and even if we do, we don’t pay much heed to it, thinking that it is their job and they get money for doing it. But, the wages a truck driver gets is too less for what he and his family loses in this game.

My father is a truck driver. When he does not return home on time, worries kill us. One part of our heart sinks with the burden of concerns for the father and the other part is at war with the evil thoughts. Nobody can feel the enigma and agony we go through unless he or she has experienced the same themselves.

When a family member of the driver or one of his children becomes ill, it is a big problem to deal with. The sick one craves for the head of the family while the rest of them are busy arranging for the money to buy medicines and to pay doctor’s consultancy fee. When our father states a certain time for returning and is unable to reach at that time, not only the worries but the housing crunch makes us miserable. Payment of our school or college fee gets delayed.  The financial state of the house goes haywire. And it is unable to run it in the same organized way because the fathers drive trucks and fulfill their household duties and the needs of their family members.

When there is a function in our schools or colleges in which parents are also invited, our father is not able to go there. We feel sad about it. Father’s absence pinches us in many ways. When we see children in our neighbourhood making merry and basking in the warmth of their fathers’ presence at home, we get sadder and cannot stop tears. A father at home is happiness. People can never realise that they could never pay the price of our happiness which our father and we forsake. The job done by a truck driver becomes a privilege to the people but his helplessness never ends.

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