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The boy was born in a poor family. His father was a carpenter in a local furniture shop in the valley. And he was talented in his own way, he made beautiful wooden furniture. His son was a good student. The local school authorities decided to fund the education of this poor boy.
The boy was very sharp and started advancing well in his studies. He had been holding the first position in school so far and this was the crucial last year of his school. Like an ordinary day he went to the temple to seek blessings and then proceeded to the shrine of a renowned saint. Later into the day the results were out and he had again succeeded to be number one  in the  State.

The boy had a little secret, he would run up a hill and shout the things he used to learn in the school. The echo of his voice was quite re-assuring to him. Like a Godly force reviewing his studies. Whenever he had any heavy emotions or felt the pain of absence of things he desired, he would run to this hill top and shout his mind out. The bond was beyond words, of the hill and the echo with him.

Father was excited to hear the triumph of his son. He was anxious as he thought his son would soon end their poverty. The son fell  in love with the daughter of a local politician and unlike many, the father of the girl had no issues with this news. In fact this came as a blessing in disguise as further on, the education at medical college was funded half by the state government and rest by the would be father in law.

The local politician like any other rich person offered a new house to the boy’s poor parents. With all humility the carpenter refused the offer. He had full confidence in his son’s capability. Son left the valley to complete his degree and he was quite lucky as his would be soul mate was accompanying him.

After all the politician father left no stone unturned to ensure management quota seat for his only daughter. The duo completed their MBBS and even pursued MD in the hospital abroad. The son had become too busy and nestled into new comforts. He worked hard. The girl was carrying his unborn child. So in a jiffy they took the decision to get legally wed. They had  a court marriage and threw a party for  close friends.

The news of marriage reached home by  a phone call to a bakery that was near the furniture shop. The father was happy and yet felt so lonely. His went back  home to share  the news with  his wife. Tears rolled down the cheeks of the mother. Was she not entitled to see his son’s wedding? Carpenter husband came forward and with his coarse hands wiped off the tears. His all hopes were quashed by a single stroke.

The girl’s politician father had moved far away in the city, more than  2 hours’ drive from the new home where his daughter and his son in law lived. Carpenter had no such money and he was too proud to ask the politician for favours.

Then one day he lost all  hope. His health had deteriorated, his vision was weak. He had lit the pyre of his spouse few days back, and didn’t have much reasons to live further.
He went to the same hill top, shouted out loud his son’s name and jumped from the hill.

Father opened his eyes after a deep slumber. He was lying in a hospital bed and to his surprise, the son was standing next to him. A trickle of hot tear rolled down on his face and it got reciprocated immediately. The son’s eyes were wet. He hugged his father in gratitude. Repentant eyes begged for forgiveness.


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  • szutshi28/06/2018 at 12:25 PM

    Well written emotions. Keep up the good work.

  • Saisharanyadash07/12/2018 at 8:13 PM

    Emotions are really true.The story touched my heart,ifact as the story finished l discovers my years in my eyes and the smile on my lips

    • Rahul Thathoo09/12/2018 at 10:15 PM

      Glad you liked the story. Thanks for your beautiful comments.

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