Father – a Blessing

Dhanashri and Madhvi Bhatu

Dhanashri and Madhvi Bhatu are twin sisters born to Mr. Desale Bhatu Bhaidas and Desale Sunandabai Bhatu. Born in March 1999, they hail form Dhulia district of Maharashtra. Currently pursuing B.Sc from BSSP Mandal’s Art, Commerce and Science College, the twins wish to be able to fulfill their parents’ dream and give all the happiness they deserve.

We were born in a middle class family. Driving is not a simple job. It involves a lot of courage and hidden dangers. Yet drivers are underpaid. We are six members of our family including parents, brother and grandmother. The responsibility to run the household rests on our father’s income. He faces many problems to make sure our needs are met. He has slight vision issues and when he returns home late, we are very worried. When our father is driving, many thoughts cross our mind; whether he has taken meals or not, whether he is taking care of himself or not. These worrying thoughts gnaw at my mind and I also feel very worried about his safety.

We are thankful to our father for the struggles he faces to provide us and our brother, proper education. My father cherishes a wish that we should get the best education and achieve what we need, not to live miserably like him. Had he not worked, hard driving many hours a day and night, we would not have been able to afford this much education. Driving is such an occupation that it can endanger life anytime. His wish is that we should complete higher education and it is also our wish that we should do something in life so that the world will say that the daughters of a driver too can dream high.

We should try to be as happy as possible because life is uncertain. We often hear or read about the accidents. The very word accident scares us. Whenever we hear this word, the image of our father comes to our mind. What If something of that kind happen in our household? We know we can’t be skeptical always. But still, it bothers us. Our father faces several difficulties. Yet he says that he will work to his utmost capability to fulfill his responsibility. When the evening arrives, all of us wait for our father and when he is late we can’t concentrate on anything and several thoughts cross our mind.

My father has been driving for last 15 years and is a good driver. There are milestones and boards along the roads like ‘Papa come home safely, we are waiting for you’ and many such sentences are found written on the boards by the side of road. When my father reads them while driving his vehicle, he remembers us.

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